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Treyarch Does It Again

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Nov 11, 2010

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And when you thought the franchise couldn't get any better.... It's finally time to move on from Modern Warfare 2, thank GOD!! In my opinion, the online multiplayer for Black Ops rivals the depth from MW2 and also blends in a lot of ideas from Halo Reach, which was also nice to see. PLUS NAZl ZOMBIES IS BACK!

Instead of just experience points (XP) to level up, you earn COD dollars. You can bet your money on matches to earn more money. You also purchase 'contracts' to earn more money per round, and must complete a goal to earn your money back and some. You may need headshots, use a certain gun, etc. It's very impressive.

Most people will get this game for the online MP, and you won't be let down by this game. Just look at the 2+ million people playing online. The maps are much smaller, more condensed, and are not setup for snipers AT ALL. Unlike previous games, or Battlefield type games, there will be any issue with a bunch of camping sniping quick scoping little brats. There are multiple entrances into every building, which makes camping very difficult.

You'll see similar features to online play as well, such as adding perks to your class. Identical perks are still here to make you run faster, shoot through walls, seek out explosives, etc. They are also slotted much more strategically to get rid of the runner stabbers and one kill bullets. There's all types of attachments like red dot sights, noob tubes, thermal, scopes, shotgun, and added cool gadgets like the RC remote control bomb and the spy tripod camera.

NAZl ZOMBIES IS ALSO BACK!! More time wasted melting through hordes or relentless nazj zombies. And I can't wait. It's very fun, but much harder than before. All I know is there is a ton of stuff to explore.

All in all, you have a spectacular single player campaign, the always fun nazj zombies, and classic COD online gameplay. However I will say they'll need new map packs very soon.

Milt Drucker- gamertag

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Goodbye Infinity Ward.

posted by HippieKid (EAST DUBLIN, GA) Nov 10, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I mean that literally.. We all know MW2 was a complete and utterly failure. In more ways than one. You couldn't even enjoy a game without glitches or modders popping up. So far, there haven't been any glitches for Black ops.. But i'm pretty sure there will be some soon.. But Treyarch has dedicated there existance to stopping modders and hackers.. Thankfully we can all rest a little easier.

Now, for the best part. The game delivers quite the astounding experience. With both campaign and multiplayer. At first, I thought this game was a knock off of MW2, but as I played it a little longer, and on a high definition tv, I knew I was wrong. This game is WAYYYYYYYY 100000000 TIMES much better than MW2. It gives you something to look forward to after each match or mission. I'm only level 21 as of now.. But i expect to be 50 in the next few weeks. I love the way they have set up the currency. It gives the players many choices of what options they wish to take. I'm very impressed with treyarch and hope to see them make other FPS games in the future. Call of duty has officially evolved to the next level.

Last but not least, we have ZOMBIES!!! This was the mode that blew me away. They have definately over done it, in a good way. The first level you start out on is huge in comparison to the old maps of World at War. You have a more efficient and excellent choice of weapons. The pack-a-punch is also back, along with the perks needed to kill some zombies. You also have a new foe. A zombie that crawls on the ground and ceilings and when you shoot it, it blows up into a cloud full of toxic gas. Those little buggers are annoying as the witch in the wizard of oz. Anyways, The zombies rise again and are better than there predecessor in every way, shape and form. You could easily kill hours of time playing this mode.

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More of the same

posted by IamtheStig (PORT RICHEY, FL) Nov 13, 2010

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More of the same isn't a bad thing though. This game like all of the COD's is great. The single player is phenomenal. I'm not a fan of the Multi. Looks great plays great, just as you would expect. The story this time is presented in a different way, which helps drive the story.

Now for the bad, I always play the COD's on Veteran difficulty which is where I have a gripe. The game is hard, very hard, as expected. BUT, with some skill and patience it is not too difficult as to make it not enjoyable. UNTIL, the developers want to make it so difficult as to let you know you are at the end of a major mission, and THEN they ramp the difficulty up so much by unending spawning baddies and no checkpoints. Cheap tactics, better level design would keep the difficulty up while not being STUPID hard. Better luck next time.

Another gripe is no Co-op. WHY??????!!!!!! I don't enjoy the Multiplayer in any of the COD's because of all the Dbags that play the multiplayer. MW2 at least had spec ops which allowed for a few hours of fun co-op. BO gives us Zombie mode, really? Really? WaW had it, it was fun. But been there done that.

I expected more, much, much more from this game. They did not deliver. Looks like the COD franchise is going down the guitar hero/rock band route, just pump out a $60 game every year without any real innovation and immediately start pumping out $15 map packs. I vote with my wallet, and sorry, not enough in this game to make me shell out my $60.

GREAT rental, poor purchase.

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