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Call of Duty: Black Ops


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Above Average

Don't believe the Hipe (campaign Only)

posted by Moyagames (BOCA RATON, FL) Nov 14, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

First I should say this review only applies to the campaign.

I think my expectation were too high for this game but this is COD!! we've come to expect great games from this franchise!!!

My major issues with the game is the Enemy AI is dumb,cross talk in fire fights are stupid, "Enemy down" "Tango Down" or "I got one" and the game is too short!!

But here are my pros & Cons:

Good Graphics and Sound.
Familiar controls
Flying the Helicopters
Detailed Vietnam jungle
Snow fight Mission towards the end (My favorite)
About 2 cool guns

Enemy AI are dumb..they run towards you and don't try to flank you
Cross talk in the fire fights unrealistic
Game is too short
Grenades take to long to explode or don't explode at all
The whole story is unbelievable.
No CoOp
No amazing weapons


This is poorly made COD. It's sad because they had a lot of talent and real Hollywood actors (Sam Worthington from Avatar, Ice Cube, Gary Olman from Dark knight). A few things work very well others stayed the same and the rest sucks. Black Ops does not bring anything new to the COD franchise, just more of the same with a few extra glitches.

If you forget that this is a COD game you may actually enjoy it (it's not all bad) but if you're going to compare it to COD modern Warfare 1 or 2 then you like me may find it disappointing...worth a rent but not a buy.

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GF Rating



posted by dudelyman (LITTLETON, CO) Nov 14, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

Call of duty black ops made the call of duty modern warfare 2 look like mario and donkey kong.I really liked the new changes. Some of the changes were custom soilders. You can choose armor with advanteges over kill streak rewards. You can now pilot your own gunship or shoot for someone else. You can practice with computers before going on live. My favorite change or comeback was zombies. Now instead of mindless killing in one place there is a goal you can explore a mansion of the dead while trying to get to your place in time which is not in 1940. The campaign has more special things to do. In the first level you run over an entire isalands police in car. Live has new kill streaks to like, controlling a car that explodes, drive a gunship, and shoot a turret in a gunship. One new favorite controls is the dive. You can dive out of the way or dive out a window and land on your stomach then shoot the heck out of your enimies outside the window your choice.If you don't belive me play to find out.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good but not great

posted by peeinurbed (WAYNE, PA) Nov 14, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Campaign and Zombies are great just as much fun as cod 5's if not more. The campaign was the best I've every played in the Call of Duty franchise. The graphics were a major step down. The graphics on COD 4 are superior to the graphics in this game. The new currency system is great, but the lagging and lack of ability to find a game is bad.

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