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Greatly satisfied

posted by Bauer24 (LANCASTER, CA) Nov 15, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

I enjoyed this game very much during the campaign. Although it frustrated me in some parts where there were just too many bullets flying around. Graphics are exceptional. Story is kinda weird but ok. However...this game stands out the most in Multiplayer. It is way more fun than MW2. That was pretty much the main reason i bought this game when it came out. This game is totally worth a buy.

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Great game, with high reply value

posted by nezeffx (WEST PALM BEACH, FL) Nov 15, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

Well I just wanted to let ya know before you read on in this review of Black Ops, that I did very much, and still do enjoy play MW2 also. I don't mind the campers or the snipers picking me off in the mulitplayer mode. In my opionion its all about having fun. Everyone is going to have thier bad matches and everyone will have a good match. I am also not a kid, I am 34 years old, married with three kids myself so the people who read reviews about gamers complaining alot about the COD franchise might have to consider that thier age comes into factor. Thats why I am going to give my honest opionion about how I feel about COD Black Ops.

First off I want to point out on the gamers here saying the graphics are not up to par. To me the graphics are just fine. I play on a 70" HDTV with Bose surround sound and the game feels and looks great. So overall I see nothing wrong graphic wise about this game.

Ok, first I will talk about the Campaign Mode. I have to admit the story was different from the previous COD games, which was good. The Campaign Mode was good but I did enjoy the MW and MW 2 story alot better. Also, the campaign itself was short. I would say give or take its about 5-6 hours long.

The Multiplayer is fantastic. It feels alot more balanced and the customizing your soldier makes it feel that its "you" in the battle field. The currency and contract also add a more compelling feel and will make it more addicting to play. Overall on multiplayer, I like it better than MW2 and like I said the balance of perks and weopons make it much more fun to play.

Zombie mode is also back. I always liked killing a few hours of my time playing this mode in WaW, but I do have to say its alot more challenging. The two maps have alot of room to run around and avoid the zombies while you can board up windows, grab some ammo or even find a place to make a stand on the incoming hoards of the undead. Overall, very fun and even better if you got friends on your side.

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Why People Give This A BAd Rating I Just Dont Know

posted by Zengotzu (COTTONDALE, AL) Nov 14, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

I would just like to say that this game is a complete upscale all around.

The campaign is my personal favorite of the Series. with the campaign taking place around Vietnam, WW2, and the Cold War i thought the way that the story progresses is very unique.

The multiplayer is absolutely 100% better no more noobs. there is no more pop shoting(thank god) and the currency is a good way to earn the guns u unlock. Even though some people think it is a bad thing to put in the game the currency is completely fair if u spend all ur money consantly u cant get new guns. its as simple as that just save ur points.

Finnally Zombies is the best it has been EVER the more modern guns give it a feel of real life and the difficulty has tremendously gone up the first run i was hopeing to make it to at least round 15 i only made it to round 9 the zombies are faster and stronger plus there is a new zombie it crawls on the ground and exploads when killed thess zombies make it very hard to see if u are camping in one solitary enviornment.

This game has been the greatest Cod to come out in years.

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