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COD: BO - Everything you need to know

posted by LMahfeetz (FONTANA, CA) Nov 12, 2010

Member since Jun 2007

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Let me start this off by saying unlike many others, I've not chosen sides over the years with the COD franchise. I've been a big fan of both companies.

With that said, MW revolutionized the way we play games. One of the greatest things 3arch did with WoW, was use MW's gaming engine to build upon, instead of creating their own from the ground up. This tapped into the immense potential the MW engine had and allowed them to customize it to their liking, by adding 3arch's unique signatures to the game. - I regret to inform everyone, with BO's they did not continue that trend. - That's the biggest change you'll notice.

Graphics: As many will tell you, the graphics are definitely a step down from the last 3 games in the series. Why? This game was made for 3d. To render 3d characters onto the screen requires multiple copies of the renders. This requires the graphics to be scaled down individually to make room for the extra pixels. I don't have a 3d TV so I can't tell you if it was worth it.

Multiplayer: There's just something not right here that I can't quite put my finger on. I get a general feeling of (un)organized chaos during matches. Which ironically makes the smallest map -Nuke Town- so much different & fun. Lag is a big detriment too. Too often what you see isn't reality and it's annoying. Spawning continues to be a problem again -although not as bad as COD3- It's very unintuitive. I expected more. My biggest gripe though may be matchmaking. It seems broken in some respects and just doesn't function well by today's standards.

Customization: This is where multiplayer truly shines. The depth of customization is overwhelmingly awesome. Contracts & wagers are a great addition. I feel they made a mistake removing earned callsigns though. The perks to me are a step back too and not as well implemented imo, although some are cool.

Overall: Disappointed actually. A definite step back in the series. For once I have to admit, IW just makes a superior product. =(

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Another Call of Duty...

posted by Mojopher (JOPLIN, MO) Jul 11, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

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Multiplayer-8..........(noobs ruin most of the fun -_-)

Campaign is pretty cool... takes place during cold war 1962-1968, follows Alex Mason who is a secret agent, storytelling sucks and most of the time a had no clue why i was doing what i was doing... but the missions are awesome... and Sam Worthington and Gary Oldman do great voiceovers..

multiplayer adds some new modes like wager matches, which mixes thing up by adding cool modes like where you get a new weapon every timee you kill someone, but these modes do get kind of boring... also you can create your own emblems and put them on your guns, and of course there are alot of cool attachments to put on your guns... which is cool but makes the games even more unbalcned and unfair to other the Multiplayer is more of the same old same old... Really fun to newcomers but to others its just Cod4 with better graphics and new weapons... liked the multiplayer on this game more than MW2 simply becuase there arent as many noobs,Though theres still ALOT and that is the main reason i havent liked the past 3 COD titles... but if you get a good game with few noobs you will have blast...

my favorite mode-Zombies- addictive and in my opinion the best mode, you can either go solo or get 3 other guys to help you survive endless waves of zombies, each wave is harder but each kill youll get money to spend on new eapons, powerups, and doors to open. if you can figure out how to get far youll have a blast...

another mode is theatre- which is bassicly a rip off from halos, but you can save games and brag to your friends at least.

better than MW2?? in some ways yes and in some ways no

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cool game

posted by packerfan500 (MOUNT HOREB, WI) Dec 8, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

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It was a fun game but it sucks cause i just got to play
three games because i got a disk that was realy scratched it stunk. And wheen i got assassins creed 2
but it was scrathed to

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