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Call of Duty: Black Ops


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Ho hum more of the same

posted by cernunnos (GAINESVILLE, FL) Nov 16, 2010

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Member since Jun 2009

I was late to the party when the whole Modern Warfare thing happened so I played them out of order. I really enjoyed those games, alot. However, after playing two games that were basically clones of one another (MW1 and 2) I would like something a little different and Black Ops is not that game. Not sure who made this game compared to the MW's but Black Ops sort of feels like a cheap copy of MW. Kind of like how Medal of Honor felt like a cheap copy of MW. I do prefer Black Ops over Medal of Honor any day but they could have added a cover system or something to make it stand out from the pack. I am forcing myself to finish the campaign since Russia and 'Nam are two of my favorite places to fight but Black Ops is definitely not as thrilling/addictive as the MW's were. Not once has Black Ops had me on the edge of my seat. Here's to hoping that Homefront really does have an emotionally charged and engaging stroyline like the previews are claiming.

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Halo who?

posted by anteechris (SAN ANGELO, TX) Nov 16, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

Let me start by saying this game is amazing, it takes all the things that makes every other game good like the theatre, and keeps its original awsome concepts like the kill streaks and added new ways to unlock and custonize guns and your avatar. Every video game maker that deals in FPS type games should take notes and try to keep up.

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cod black ops

posted by jesseg (KALAMAZOO, MI) Nov 16, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

ok. cod bo is a really fun game. it is cool how u can go online and play with a friend on the same xbox on xbox live. and on zombies u can hav to on 1 xbox and still play zombies with other people online. the campain was confusing and short but it was fun. and the zombie maps are cool except there are NO camping places at all and u need to camp in zombies to survive. i personally think waws zombies were beter but these ones are really fun to. the online is ok. people say that the graphics suck but u just have to get used to them.and the game is not as laggy as everybody says. they probobly just hav a sucky connection or somthin.ok so its a fun game recommend u buy and give the graphics and online a chance before u say stuff about it.

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