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Call of Duty: Black Ops


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Wow.. not at all what the gameplay reads as

posted by Valic_stone (TACOMA, WA) Mar 12, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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So i am so mad at this game i got it thinking i and my girl friend could play a really good game but nah the makers of C.O.D. should wake up its 2011 not 2020 where 3d tv's are why out of the standerd persons money range, the game over all is ok except i am not drunk any more so now it sucks really hard core here are my problems with this game..

coop- if u cant play story coop split screen, or play at lest missions coop split screen on one tv then U DON'T HAVE COOP AT ALL!!!!!! just like this game NO coop they only part thats close is the zombie mode but it takes 3 to 4 people to play this game its to ridicules.. Real hope u guys read this last part cause u really miss'd the fact that the word COOP in green on the bake of the box means the main game it's self is coop or at least the game it self is, so why is this miss'ed by people who have created great games, simple the truth is that they have bean traded for monkeys uneducated, untrained monkeys..

JUMP-- ???? the game mines well not have u able to jump at all if u cant get on top of a boxes as high as ur wast then ur not going to pass any kind of training in any kind of real military in the world. also i think any drunk hill billy could get up and stand inside a chair or over a planter as small as a side table..

Weapons-?? did the gov make u not put cool real wepons in this game
cause i would have just got an old scool game if i new the sucky one made it this fare in to the 20th cent, but really a pistol that can't kill a zombie the aim sucks for every one of them and the macanics are all WRONG for people who make games involving war and military u guy's got nothing on any game out 5yrs ago...... really NO BFG..

any way i am glad i didn't waste my money on buying this game to get a rent score from me u have to be better then the original doom from the DOS days, yah u got nuthing on it!!! but for trying to take money for nothing i say rent it.. at least it has zombies what ever u do don't buy this game

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Call of Duty: Black Ops for Xbox 360

posted by CLANGAMER (KUNA, ID) Mar 8, 2011

Member since Jan 2009

Xbox 360 has no customer serves against modders and black ops on xbox has way to many modders. Black ops on ps3 has little if any cheaters on it.

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cliché, linear, buggy, remedial

posted by GameFool (DULUTH, MN) Feb 24, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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While fun to watch and listen to, the CoD Black Ops is a terrible gaming experience.

Linear: Not only is everything completely linear, but you must follow behind team mates and wait for them to open doors, to climb latters, to exit the water.

The AI: It is amazing that a game with such a large budget can have such terrible AI. There were points in the game where I was taking damage, turned around to see two of my teammates firing downrange at the enemy, and then standing next to them in perfect formation was an enemy soldier shooting at me. The Friendly AI is atrocious. After a while, the game is like a solo mission with some random gun fire from people behind you who allegedly aren’t shooting at you.

Cliché: This is the most cliché game, ever. Ever. There are only two possible reasons for this. The creative team is a group of early 20s kids who were never taught that plagiarism is wrong, so rented the most popular Army movies, wrote down all the cool scenes, and jumbled them haphazardly into a plot line for this video game. The second reason is that the creative team is a group of 30+ers who grew up with these cool movies, and just assume that the 18-25 demographic who buys this game won’t have ever seen these movies. After every cool army scene was duplicated, I almost lost it when the end sequence had a Sgt. Pepper fighting for the good guys

Game Play: I grew up with Doom and Doom 2, and the game play for CoD is in fact Doom, only now you can crouch and lay down. If CoD didn’t have a jump function, we’d be re-playing Castle Wolfenstein. In all, I would state that this is a child’s game.

Crashes: I’ve heard that the XBOX360 can crash, and it has never happened to me ever, until this game. It crashed twice.


Ed Harris is awesome at whatever he does, as long as it’s playing the stoic tuff guy. Well done, Mr. Harris, I hope you keep contributing your talents to the video game world.

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