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Sick Game

posted by kbodin1 (LYNN, MA) Nov 15, 2010

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Member since Jul 2006

I don't usually like 1st person shooter games, it makes me kinda dizzy after a while, i prefer the 3rd person shooter games more often than not. But this game is flat out straight sick. I pick up the controller and next thing i know its 2 hours later. It's super intense and the gameplay and graphics are just awesome. not much else i can say about this game but its the best 1st person shooter game i ever played. This game is a definite rent and buy game.

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Surprisingly Good

posted by TornPr1nc3 (BLAIRSTOWN, NJ) Nov 15, 2010

Member since Oct 2006

I have to admit that going into this game, I was almost hoping it would fail miserably. I was completely letdown by MW 2, and WAW was only saved by the Zombie mode and later DLC. I did not believe anything could save this franchise. Well, Black Ops so far, might actually be the beginning of the healing process.

The campaign is beyond stellar this time around. The graphics range from good to 'Did I just see that' amazing. Interestingly enough, it is some of the loading "screens" and intro segments that I found to be most visually appealing. The story is one of the better deliveries that the franchise has seen and has not failed to entertain once. The sound and voicework is equally great. Controls are the same as any other COD game of recent years. The gameplay itself is fun and rewarding as any FPS should be.

Zombie Mode returns and with some welcome additions. The first map is a continuation of sorts from the fourth map pack that World at War gave us, while the second one takes place at the Pentagon with some Dead Presidents. The third mode is, well, to be honest a ripoff of Zombie Apocalypse, but still a ton of fun because of the COD twist they put on it. This was my main reason for wanting to pick up the game as a rental and I am more than happy with what Treyarch delivered here as it makes for repeat playing and I'm looking forward to the DLC that comes later.

Multiplayer is....ambitious. They got a lot of things right here this time around and my frustrations with glitching and cheaters from MW2 and WAW... so far....has not been an issue. It was around week 4 or 5 after the release of MW2 that I had issues, so time will tell. Lag on the other hand, is present and still a problem, though not as much as other FPS titles. The thing is, I'm not sure that there is much Treyarch or any other developer can do about this. People have different internet connections, period.

Overall a great game that deserves a rent. Keep button for me.

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Very Good

stuck at nova 6

posted by wazzlofter (DENVER, CO) Nov 14, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

this game is great up to the nova 6 facility where it is wired with drums of explosives and weaver is staring at a map with u.s. strike zones and the check point is right at the map, im stuck there and cant go on, its frustrating, any help would be appreciated, send help to explosiverhea at hotmail dooooot coooom thanks

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