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Best Call of Duty Game Out There!

posted by Decider (FLETCHER, NC) Nov 15, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

This game is without a doubt, the best game that i have had the good fortune to play. The campaign was the greatest that there has ever been with a brand new feel to it with new and old weapons to use and brand new characters that take the cake. The Online redefines Call of Duty Multiplayer and the new currency system is amazing. Also, zombies are back with brand new maps and new weapons to fight off the zombie horde wave after wave! All in all, this is a game not just worth renting, but it is buying material as well.

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Above Average

Meh to the Bleh

posted by spREEF (GARLAND, TX) Nov 15, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

Another launch into the series and unfortunately Treyarch didn't quite hit the mark.

Very fun and fast paced FPS gaming like any good shooter should be. There were many improvements and different advantages implemented: COD points, challenges, and contracts to name a few that made this new addition to the series quite fun online. Also keeping the zombies mode in was a major plus in my opinion as I have always been a diehard of that type of genre. However, there are some issues dealing with lag and server drops. I fortunately as I have noticed reading some reviews on here have not had hardly as many issues as some, but still the issue can get to you when you log into a game only to drop five minutes into it. That aside, though, the online experience was ultimately appealing when it was working smoothly.

Good story, and we finally got to mainly follow one person, which in my eyes was a definitely plus. The story took some strange twists, which maybe some were rushed and not well developed, but overall there was a good baseline for the game. Short, but sweet.

Up to this point you would probably think I would be between a 8-9 rating, which is why I think that Black Ops got so many 8-9 ratings from reviewers, but the reason I feel it needs to be a 6 is because of the graphics and sound. Graphics wise the game didn't do a terrible job, but honestly what year are we in? This was on par with some games that came out in 2008. Sounds wise there was some good voice acting, obviously as some great actors came out to lend their voice to the series, but gun sounds seemed to be lacking and took a bit of the experience with them. Ultimately, the fact that the graphics and sound were not there somewhat killed the game and its potential for me.

Good solid multiplayer, but somewhat plagued with server issues
Solid storyline, but very short
Seemed a little rushed on getting the title out - graphics/sound suffered

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Black Ops, 2 Steps Back

posted by eloymongo (SHERMAN OAKS, CA) Nov 15, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

The campaign mode is great, it's short, but it is fun.

My biggest issues, as it will most likely be with other CoD loyalists, is the VERY lacking online/multiplayer mode.
Believe it or not, the graphics were better in the first Modern Warfare. The maps are not nearly dynamic as any of the prior PS3 or XBox versions of the game. The creation of Black Ops feels rushed through development, and lacks serious creativity from a series with such a large and demanding fan base.

This is one of those titles that you will ABSOLUTELY want to RENT versus owning.

I give this a 5 out of 10 because this is the type of bad-apple game that will turn fans off from the series. A quick release (only a year later from MW2) for a quick buck betrays the gamer.

Best part of Black Ops was, unfortunately, the TV spots.

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