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Good addition to the franchise with major issues

posted by jamest91 (NEWHALL, CA) Nov 10, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

48 out of 75 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

Overall the game gets a 7 from me simply because as of right now, right after release, the game does need some polishing up(mainly on the technical side of the game)

Singleplayer: I haven't played through very much yet, mainly because I like starting singleplayer and beating it on the hardest difficulty. I must say that this part of Black Ops is extremely enjoyable, entertaining, and time consuming. It took me quite some time to get probably 1/5 of the way through the campaign on the hardest difficulty. So, if your in for a good challenge, try out singleplayer on the hardest difficulty. "You will not survive!"

Multiplayer: This is probably the biggest reason why most people would pick this game up. The customizations and various gamemodes are very well developed and fun to get in to. I definately recommend giving wager matches, contracts, and the customizations a go. ZOMBIES is also pretty fun. It has the same look and feel as the zombies from CoD: World at War, so if you enjoyed that then I recommend this for you as well.

On to the bad areas: Multiplayer has been reported to be having some major issues with connectivity and lag. I find myself sometimes sitting around for a good 10 minutes disconnecting and reconnecting from lost connection games or games too laggy to give a chance. I am sure this will be fixed in the very first patch released though.

Other issue I PERSONALLY have is compared to other games, the graphics seem to be a little old for a game nowadays. So if you are a nut about "how the game appears on screen" like I am, you may wanna watch a friend or something play first.

I recommend this as a RENT before buying. If you like it then I'll see you on the battlefield.

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Above Average

Falls Short, Rent First

posted by boourns (HADDON TOWNSHIP, NJ) Nov 14, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

54 out of 86 gamers (63%) found this review helpful

The latest installment of the COD series definitely does not live up to the hype. As a whole the game is completely unbalanced and by that I mean the single player is great while the multiplayer is poor.

The plot for the single player is probably the best to date. It starts off with the main character strapped to a chair in an interrogation room being questioned by an unknown person(s). The story progresses through several locations, Cuba, Russia, Vietnam, and Laos, before finally coming to a twisting conclusion. The graphics are great, sounds are good, and the gameplay is great. The single player offers several intractable objects such as vehicles, etc. The only downside is its very short, between 6-8 hours.

Let's face it, the breaking point between purchasing a game and renting it nowadays is the multiplayer. Unfortunately it is extremely lacking in this latest COD series. For me the multiplayer is very reminiscent of COD 3. First off the graphics are mediocre. At this point in time we should expect something far superior. The sound quality is also lacking. There is also a lot of lag, you're completely around a corner and somehow you still get shot. In addition to those main issues, the modified and added features are not impressive. In addition to your grenade and smoke options they've also added an equipment option but none really stand out. They're also reduced the number of Perks you can select (5 for each slot / 15 total). They've added a new dynamic to these options, COD dollars. All weapons, attachments, equip, and perks now cost money to use and still require you to reach a certain level. I'm sure this is an attempt to keep people interested to keep playing but its very redundant and unnecessary. The titles, emblems, and challenges in MW2 were reason enough.

In all, this latest COD installment definitely falls short especially after MW2. It had potential but a rent first game.

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Feels like World at War but in the Sixties

posted by ps3456 (PASADENA, CA) Dec 7, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I like the controls better on MW & MW2. Nice on my 3D TV but sometimes the game freezes. Is it supposed to be a pure white screen before the stage launches? Some times it loads and all i see is the compass and the direction arrow but rest is a black screen. Maybe i got a bad copy. Good enough to rent but i wouldn't buy. I can't wait for infinity ward to make another one. Zombies were nice.

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