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Call of Duty: Black Ops II


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love the game but problems

posted by masonmaurer (NASHVILLE, TN) Feb 17, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

The game does not fit the hole screen on the game pad people keep said ing that it in sd mode I dont how to get it out I try to called acvison and they to busy but other then that the game fit the hole screen on the tv just not the game pad it not my game pad because it the only game that does not fit !!!!!

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Beware, HORRIBLE controls on the Wii-U

posted by Centauri (MCKINNEY, TX) Feb 7, 2013

Member since Aug 2007

I own PS3, Xbox, and Wii U consoles, and wanted to try a FPS on the latter, and especially after reading several stellar reviews. Oh, my, what a MISTAKE. Wii U controls alternate between sticky and trepidating, and it is almost impossible to strafe an opponent effectively; viewpoints slip painfully. And did you know about the serious framerate drops and lag? After three hours of trying to play multiplayer, I just gave up and returned the game. I will NOT spend $50 on a Wii Pro controller, mind you.

Sadly, the Wii U is just another gimmick. It may work for the traditional Nintendo games, but fails miserably for true, hardcore gaming.

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Very Good

A Successful Operation

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

Most players know what they’re going to get from a Call of Duty game – a single player story mode that has a lot of thought put into it, a online mode where players go out and shoot each other on different battlefields, and in the case of the Black Ops, a Zombie game where players have to fend off hoards of the undead.
In Black Ops II, the storyline revolves around China during the year 2025. Some of the characters from the first film make an appearance and tell about a story of a cyber threat to America from some head of some great company.
But this is all an excuse to take on several missions that range from gathering information about the bad guys’ plans to just attacking a fortified building to eliminate those bad guys.
But the level design here is still super – you get to do a lot of different things, like glide through the air on a high tech parawing, pilot a jet, use an automated gun, or send a bunch of flying robots to dispatch the enemy. They story is not too hard to follow and it does have a great climax and conclusion to it (I wonder if they’ll make a Black Ops III?)
The online sections – not quite as good. You get experience points that will let you unlock weapons and other goodies. But this really discourages any new players (like me) from joining in because I’ll get out gunned by the other players.
Still, it’s a lot of fun to go up against other players online.
This is one of the few games that are in the WiiU and other systems where the WiiU came out about the same time as the other systems (unlike, say Batman Arham City where the WiiU came out about a year after the other versions went out.).
Call of Duty: Black Ops II delivers the shooter fun fans of the franchise is looking for – and you didn’t have to wait too long for the WiiU version to show up. BUY IT.

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