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posted by MCPolarbear (LAKE OSWEGO, OR) Jan 17, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

I was really expecting them to one up this game with the zombies, but they added barely anything! and they took away some awesome perks! SHAME ON YOU ACTIVISION.....SHAME ON YOU TREYARCH..... you disappoint me one more time and I'm going exclusive to dead island! multiplayer was awesome but they coulda added some more cool futuristic stuff into the mix like the stealth camo and xray sniper. overall i give it an 8 just because i love any zombie game that is halfway decent and because the multiplayer setup is pretty cool.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

call of duty 2

posted by shyann555 (BOBTOWN, PA) Jan 15, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

to much cussing in it. not for kids at all

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Above Average

A mess with few improvements.

posted by Leo_Bottoms (LA HABRA, CA) Jan 11, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Another Call Of Duty game may create excitement if you are not old enough to be allowed to play it, but is it worth all the juvenile hype? The short and long answer is no. The campaign plays like an action movie, moving from interesting locations, with a set few missions that have a stealth based section that are so scripted they may as well be an interactive movie. The storyline has many flaws and generic characters that you are guranteed not to remember, even the main villain who perhaps has the greatest motivation of any character in the Call Of Duty franchise to commit atrocities. After you're done with the campaign (or experienced one of the game ending glitches that it may have, such as failure to advance the storyline) you are likely to hesitate to enter the breeding ground of inept persons that is Online Multiplayer and instead skip to the Zombies mode. The zombies mode is FANTASTIC! and I can not emphasize that enough. Sure, the sound system makes it sound like the zombie that is one meter near from you is actually a quarter of a kilometer away, but the familiarity and improved mechanics such as construction and Tranzit make it fun to play with, whether alone, with strangers, or with friends. But after a few games you may feel brave enough to finally jump into the Online Multiplayer, and suffer the consequences. One of the first things you're guranteed to encounter during the multiplayer is the further sound mistakes, from the lack of any footstep noises to an annoying glitch that the creators of the game have no reason to fix as children buy this game in droves. Furthermore, select perks and other gameplay features seem to be completely useless, and the perks that affect gameplay significantly are sure to raise suspicions that the developers seem to favor certain unfair gameplay styles. And if you come across people boosting, cheating, or just holding a mic to their television then good luck using the defunct reporting function.
Don't buy it, rent it.

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