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Also on:Wii U, Xbox 360
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GF Rating


Really not all that good.

posted by Raydawg760 (TEMECULA, CA) Mar 5, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Ok, believe me i wanted this game just as much as anyone else, i went to the midnight release, pre ordered, and everything, got the game and went straight to the campaign, Which was awesome beyond awesome, best COD campaign i have played. Zombies was, at best, just ok, after a while it gets boring, unlike BOPS 1, the zombies mode in that game u can play over and over again. BOPS 2 zombies has new characters which are stupid with dumb commentary, not like the 4 we used to know. Then, Multiplayer, i thought all problems were fixed and this would be different, this multiplayer was the worst in the COD franchise. So many host migrations, weapons are just futuristic versions of guns from MW2-MW3, the maps are horrible with one side always having the advantage so if your not on that side, which your not 80% of the time, its an automatic loss. Hit registration is by god the worst ever, you can shoot someone 9-10 times and they duck out into cover for 1 sec come back with the same gun your using and get a 1 shot kill. its frustrating. At first i thought it was my connection which it wasn't, Verizon Fios, 100% connection every game i play. Also the kill streaks suck, only 3 i have used because every other sucks, is the lighting strike, uav, and the hunter killer drone. Customization is a let down too, not at all different from BOPS 1 with all the lil kids posting emblems of boobs and booty shots. Then they have a champions series, which is for the "mlg" players, its not even close to real competition gaming. Overall this game was a major let down in 2 major categories, ZOMBIES/MULTIPLAYER. I advise not to buy but to rent, as this game is no way near the money i payed for it. Also the new map pack "Revolution" is bad. Do not buy. Try gamesharing from someone who has it already.
Overall rating of game is a 5/10 very disapointing with all the hype that surrounded this game.

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GF Rating


good qualities, BAD lagg

posted by biakin (GAINESVILLE, FL) Mar 5, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

the game it's self is pretty good, what you would expect from CoD. although what disappointed me was how laggy it was when either: to many weapons were firing at once on any game mode, after wave 15 on zombies the accumulation of zombies, the terrible online session ending (due to migrating host or people leaving matches). i did like how they did the weapon layouts, easy and simple to customize your favorite weapons and strategies.

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GF Rating



posted by rlando1 (CLEARFIELD, UT) Mar 4, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

When they announced that this game is "A new idea" because it is in the future I thought they were stupid, because a lot of games are in the future. However, when I played this game, I discovered that this is a whole new idea for games, and is very fun. The technology is cool, the graphics are amazing, and most of all, the gameplay is fun. Zombies is awesome as well, a great improvement on the first game. However, I was too distracted by the rest of it's amazingness to play around on the multiplayer much.

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