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Call of Duty: Black Ops II


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Also on:Wii U, Xbox 360
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Nothing Special, Same old Cod

posted by gman11 (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO) Mar 23, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

I have played every Call of Duty and my interest towards them have dropped significantly, especially from the single player. This Cod delivers the same type of single player action, and its same multiplayer, which redeems Black Ops II.
GRAPHICS - The graphics are the same as all the previous Call of Duties, which is a little above average. Some of the characters' faces were either rushed or just badly done.
GAMEPLAY - The only part that I really liked about this Call of Duty from the rest was the guns. The futuristic guns are very cool as well as the new attachments. Even the guns that are in all of the Cods' like M16 and M4, generally sound a-lot better.
SOUND - The sound of the guns, in my opinion, sound much better and more realistic, as well as more powerful. In the previous CODs', all the guns pretty much sounded the same, but in this one they all sound different and powerful, making the game a little more fun.
I thought the campaign was very bland, as well as very short. It didn't grab my attention enough for me to follow what was going on throughout the game.
Even though I am a very generous reviewer and it's very hard for me to rate a game harshly, but I don't think this game was very good at all. The only thing that kept me wanting to play more was its classic fun multiplayer.

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Best game ever.

posted by erickson (ADDISON, MI) Mar 18, 2013

Member since Jan 2012

Well i have never been much of a call of duty fan(i prefer resident evil etc) but when i put this game in my PS3 i was like WHOA! The graphics incredible, Weapons awesome, story makes you be on the edge of your seat. I've played some other call of duty but this is by far the best. What i love the most was zombies. I liked how you did not have do beat the game to play zombies. Also Tranzit is awesome. Multiplayer is good but i wish the score streaks were better because i hate those dang U.A.V. The games could be a bit better because you have the classics like capture the flag, free for all, team death match. I was hoping that there would be better maps because the ones it gives you are pretty boring. But the ones that you get for black ops revolution are way better. Especially Die Rise. But the reason i gave this game a 10 is because it has real call of duty spirit. That means you have to be stealth at times and at other times its just all out kill everyone. This game is AWESOME.

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Rinse and Repeate.

posted by TehPWNZOR (VERNON, VT) Mar 13, 2013

Member since Nov 2009

I was never one for the call of dute series and find it amusing that for once ( in a long list of sequels) that they are actually trying their hand at story telling. The story isnt anything we havent heard of before, if i recited the story and didnt tell you the name you would probably think it was ripped right out of a old west flick.

the gameplay is basic, like the title says its basically a copy of the early games ( not including the prequel to this one) just reskinned.

Multiplayer is possible the only real good thing about this that is if you bought the season pass. If you didnt buy the season pass then expect to pay alout for very little.

zombie mode is good, i wouldnt say its good enough to actaully be a seller for the game itself though.

Graphics are decent, their not top of the line but they get the job done in emphasizing facial features in story mode but they seem to lack in multiplayer at time.

All and all i belive that the call of duty series is getting stale and as uninventive as any NFL game.

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