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GF Rating


Mediocre at best.

posted by megadeath (CLEARFIELD, UT) Apr 15, 2013

Member since May 2005

Single Player:
The single player was a massive disappointment. In the past I had always loved CoD's Campaigns they always had a great story line and awesome missions, but this game lacked everything every CoD before it had. It's storyline was a mess and hard to follow jumping back and fourth between past and present a cool idea but in my opinion they could've done much better.

I thought the zombies was cool the first time I played through it but then I got bored and decided to just try playing the other mode they had and I was irritated because on every area they had limitations to what you could do, one area you can't get guns one you can't get pack a punch, and they finally made it so you can start on a later round but with that you still start with a pistol and only enough points to maybe buy 1 ok gun. The zombies mode in this game is nothing special.

Multiplayer: Finally I reach the only thing that most gamers care about, the online. I've never been a big fan of CoD's online and this game did nothing to improve my opinion of it, the gameplay was the exact same as every other CoD game other than they made the killstreaks based off points, and plenty more annoying stun type grenades/mines. The online is nothing special you can play the exact same thing on any other CoD Game the only difference is with this one they cut back on the customization a tiny bit.

Graphics/Gameplay: The gameplay on this game as with every CoD is amazingly smooth and the controls easy to get used to, but the Graphics are terrible compared to BF3 and Medal of Honor and I'm not one who just plays a game for graphics but this game seriously could use a lot of work when it comes to graphics.

Overall I thought this game was pretty bland for such an acclaimed series, and I feel like they've really just stopped trying in general, but then again I didn't exactly expect much in the first place.

Offline: 4/10
Online: 6/10
Zombies: 2/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 1/10

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GF Rating


You shouldn't buy this game!

posted by mosdh23 (BERWYN, IL) Apr 4, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I rented Black Ops II with a hope of continuing the science/historical fiction conspiracy from the first one. I liked the original Black Ops because because it mixed historical facts and science fiction, combining them perfectly and filling in the gray areas of the Cold War with conspiracies.
Black Ops II is nothing like that. When Treyarch first announced that they were making a game about the near future, I wasn't too excited. I felt that the Modern Warfare series already covered that. The actual story is shallow and transparent, not really connecting the near future to now. The story is pretty much a repeat of the first Black Ops, where they spend the whole campaign trying to look and kill a single target, all while the protagonist (Mason's son) is discovering more about himself.
The gameplay was really messed up. There were some guns that had no recoil at all! And I understand that the Call of Duty games have nearly abandoned the campaign and almost relied solely on multiplayer, but even multiplayer was bad! The class customization was really confusing and dumb.
Other than minor improvements to the game, Black Ops II was nothing to spend $60 dollars on. You shouldn't buy it, because it felt like it was really sloppily put together.

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GF Rating


Forget polished...

posted by quintfl (BLUE RIDGE, GA) Mar 31, 2013

Member since Mar 2011

...this game isn't even finished! I expected a lot when I got this game in the mail, I mean it was the most hyped game in recent memory, but I was disappointed. I beat the single-player campaign once and attempted to play through again to see what would happen if I took different choices at certain parts of the game and was quickly bored. I tried Multiplayer and it's nothing new. There are a few new high-tech gadgets in the game but you use them for literally only seconds. I can't think of one other CoD game that this is even as good as. I've never sent a Call of Duty game back after only 2 days. Don't believe the hype. Rent. Don't buy.

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