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Very Good

A Different COD expierience

posted by cgt_taken (CHICAGO, IL) Jun 2, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Well I have been a cod fanboy all of my life since cod 4, however MW3 really disapointed me so a became detached from the series. However this game has made many new improvements to issues I have had in the past I will review each of the 3 modes in the game giving a score to each.

Campaign-First of all Black Ops 2's camping has my vote for the best of the series so far! Treyarch has integrated choice into the story (which may be subtle at times), and emotional attachment to characters which I feel, has been lacking in the call of duty series for a long time! There are also different endings, each of which I enjoyed. However some characters I felt no bond with, therefore when they died I didn't feel as if anything major occurred. With all of these good changes to the campaign, there are also downfalls, one of which is the optional strike force missions. I felt that these were very original and were a good idea, but the execution was lacking fun gameplay. I give BO2's campaign a 8.5/10

Multiplayer-I feel like the multiplayer is still the same cod multiplayer with nice changes. Quickscopers and overpowered close-quarters guns still exist, however the score streaks are new and refreshing. Also i enjoyed mixing and matching attachments in the new create-a-class system, I felt more open to customization vs MW3's basic optics and other attachments. Also all of the guns feel balanced! Sure, some guns are better than others but I feel that all of the guns are good and each have their own special feature/specialty. I give BO2's multiplayer a 8/10

Zombies-Now, I was a huge fan of black ops's zombies mode before shangri-la and moon came out,Why? Because the maps were too huge. The same problem affects BO2's zombies maps, The new Tranzit mode allows for players to travel to separate areas on the HUGE map, however if you miss it you must wait a LONG time for it to get where you are. However, the new grief mode is fun and the separate survival maps are still great. A 6.5/

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GF Rating



posted by boBG (KEALAKEKUA, HI) May 18, 2013

Member since May 2013

Disappointing. The campaign mode was way too much sappy video & way too little game play. The entire campaign was finished in less than eight hours of playtime. The "Strike Force" mission interface was clumsy at best, but even that was silky smooth when compared with the flight-control interface.

This game stayed in my home about three days, and at GameFly's daily rate, I almost feel like I got my money's worth. My condolences to anyone that paid full price for this game.

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Above Average



Member since May 2013

This game kind of surprised me... the campaign was actually GOOD. Very good at that, allowing customization unseen in any other CoD, in terms of story anyways.
The zombies mode is better than the one in Black Ops, or that's how I feel about it. It's what keeps bringing me back to this game, time and time again.
As for the MP... ehhh, I'll pass. The worst yet? I don't know, but Treyarch focused WAY too much on the 'bling-bling' and not so much on how the game runs.

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