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Call of Duty: Black Ops II


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Also on:Wii U, Xbox 360
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Pretty impressed

posted by walesca (CANTON, MA) Nov 12, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

25 out of 43 gamers (58%) found this review helpful

i thought this was going to be okay but you know what . I'm pretty impress with this game. Campaign is better than the first one. Zombie mode is more fun and intense than the first black ops, I like the whole idea of 'future ' they put into this game also. It fits in perfect , and took it to a whole new level in call of duty franchise. best call of duty yet ? I think so but my fear is how long will it last before the mods and everyone person that wants to ruin it for everyone comes in ? Other than that this is a most buy and rent .

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Same as always...

posted by Glen1110 (SPRING VALLEY, NY) Jan 20, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

Everyone knows that Black ops II will become a failure. And it has become a larger fail than expected. First things first, there's nothing special about Black ops II. You're basically running around, doing missions for the same old people in some same old graphics.

Than, we have the multiplayer. Ever since Modern warfare 2 went mainstream, it was both the end of COD and gaming community forever. All I see in COD are 5 year old kids who think they're superior than their elders. The guns are the same like Black ops but just futuristic.

Finally, we have zombies. It was by far, the WORST zombie experience ever. I bought Black ops II to just play zombies. But it turned out to become and epic fail. The maps are too small, Very limited maps and the same old weapons.

Although, Black ops II campaign was a bit impressive like all COD series. The storyline is well written, some decent gameplay, but HORRIBLE voice actors. Could really do better.

To finish this off, Call of duty should return to making WWII games. This current "Modern" day scenario for Call of duty really ruined my experience. The first modern warfare was great and all. But all true Call of duty players know that Call of duty was best during its WWII era. If you're reading this treyarch or infinity ward, go back to creating WWII games. Or at least WWI games. And you should regain your reputation.

Campaign 8/10
Graphics 5/10
Zombies 3/10
Multiplayer & Community 0/10
Overall 4/10

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If you have sense.

posted by Araya (LAGRANGE, GA) Jan 16, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This is the utmost worst cod game yet. And I thought mw3 was bad. Anyways, if you like real sniping forget it, if you like putting real skill through shooting, forget that too, and if you have any SENSE that cod is only making these games to make money, then you got that one spot on my good sir! ;D The maps are so clustered together, there is no point for sniping. Even assault guns are useless. Smgs are all you really have to choose from, and please, learn how to spray, that's the only chance you got left. So to get down to it, just go play BATTLEFIELD 3 if you know what a real game is. But hey, maybe you like spraying, camping in between the many cargo boxes, or just plain out lazy and don't like real physics. It's all you. I actually give this a 0/10. (oh yeah, who even cares about the weak story modes of cod?)

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