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Call of Duty: Black Ops II


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call of duty black ops II

posted by mexicano1974 (BELLINGHAM, WA) Nov 20, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

1 out of 5 gamers (20%) found this review helpful

Fantastic game. Sets up for the sequel

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QUIT COMPLAINING!! they gave you what you wanted !

posted by bblack300 (LAFAYETTE, IN) Nov 16, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

1 out of 5 gamers (20%) found this review helpful

Yes it's not entirely perfect, but its a lot better than MW3. The campaign blows away the average game by today's standards, and the multiplayer is awesome and groundbreaking if you remember to include zombies in your rating.

Do you people realize your dissection of the small flaws of this great game are causing its member rating to drop below : Pokemon, little big planet, Ratchet and Clank and others that are even more embarrassing.

The people of Treyarch - that brought you World at War and Black Ops - the 2 best multiplayer FPS games deserve better from their fans !!!

The Cons: limited multiplayer map diversity - but with some DLC and some patches most of that will be close to perfection

The Pros : it's freaking awesome and will most likely spend more time in your console than any other game. Lmfao , but its true and you know it.

I'm not even a hardcore COD'er and I rented it outta the redbox cause I didn't want to wait for my copy to arrive, something I did not resort to with Borderlans 2, or AC 3. So that pretty much says it all ;)

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posted by CodeRed979 (TUCSON, AZ) Nov 14, 2012

Member since Mar 2010

1 out of 5 gamers (20%) found this review helpful

Where to begin? First off let me say this is the most original COD yet, for Call of Duty standards of course. I didn't pre-order this game because I don't trust Treyarch, but this game was definitely better than I expected, much better than the first BO, which I wasn't to thrilled about.

The game is set in the future, around 2025, so not all the guns are completely real, but they take real guns and make them look futuristic. Graphics are probably one of the biggest improvements, best I've seen in a COD yet for sure. Multiplayer servers are much more stable as well, with a lot more Custom Class personalization. The only actual problem I've had so far is that my custom classes keep resetting, or I lose all the attachments on my weapon, but this is a minor problem, because it fixes itself after about a match or two.

Zombies, where do I start with Zombies? Well, of course you have your normal zombies (rebuild barriers, survive as long as you can, etc.) but they also put different game modes in, such as team survival, the Tranzit (where you ride a bus around the map), so on and so forth. Servers in Zombies, like in the original BO, do need some work, as they are still somewhat buggy, though there is an improvement in connection.

Overall this game gave me hope in the slowly dying COD fanchise. MW3 was good, but almost no change from MW2, BO was a dissapointment as well. Good on you, Treyarch, for making a great game! Could this be the best COD yet? Give it more time, and see how long it takes before hackers ruin it, but enjoy the game for now, I would recommend buying for sure.

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