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The Game CoD Needed

posted by CreepingDeath29 (ORLANDO, FL) Nov 18, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

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Before anything that I say, this NEEDS to be said; there are people complaining because they can't comprehend that the game has not even been out for a week yet. There is ALWAYS things that need to be fixed after launch because they don't have enough time to finish the game beforehand.

Black Ops II gives you first, a great campaign, not spactactular by any means but still VERY well done. They had improved on the campaign AI so the series finally broke the "easier every year" routine the campaign was falling prey to. Not only that but you can have your own Create A Class with unlocks you can choose from before the mission, and to add to that, challenges to do to unlock them and get points. It's also the FIRST CoD campaign to where you have a choice in the matter of what happens in it. Overall a great expierence that actually makes you want to play it again to see the other outcomes.

Zombies, the great game mode that started out as a small easter egg back in World At War, has become bigger than ever now. You have the new ode TranZit, which you play as four new characters in a massive map where you can travel by foot or bus, construct items from objects that are laid out all over the world, and can even come across the easter egg to continue the zombie storyline! To add to that, class survival mode returns with three small parts of this massive world of TranZit. Or the brand new Grief mode that works with the multiplayer engine; 4z4, which can be played on two of the three choices for Survival. The only downside to this is that there is nothing extra to keep the die-hard zombie fans from waiting for the next DLC drop for more zombies.

Multiplayer. Everyone and their grandmothers have seen countless gameplays of a beautifully balanced MP that made anyone that got the chance to play it beofre the release love the feel of it. With the release of this game. The ONLy problem is the lag comp and the game freezing (looking at emblems mostly) that SHOULD be fixed soon.

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See above

posted by tylerca (CHULA VISTA, CA) Nov 17, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

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So basically I am just confirming what many of others have said on here. This is COD same old thing. Nothing really new but the story line. In fact the game really didn't get good until the last 3 missions (which are the best and the most action). The most annoying thing besides the lack luster graphics and the missions being too short is going from year 2025 weapons to 1986 weapons and back again. Once you get used to a high-tech weapon you go back to the past and use an AK47. Good for a rental, but not my thing...I'll stick to MW.

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Above Average


posted by Mayer (MCDONOUGH, GA) Nov 13, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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i know allot of gamers have been not buying cods because we think it will not change it will be the same old new looks new weapons new scenery but NO this game is the next step that weve been wanting the call of duty franchise to take. the games multiplayer has changed drastically no mre lunging and u can use your knife only like in your first person view all u see is your knife and your left hand which was pretty bad a for all us ninjas out their zombies is amazing more hype more travel and lastly the campaign great story great characters and HORSES lol also u can choose you gun at the start of each mission which is pretty cool SO HAVE FUN RIDIN THEM HORSES AND KILLING SOLDIERS

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