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posted by zonetanebula117 (PROVIDENCE, KY) Nov 25, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

the zombies campaign is EPIC! multiplayer is SPECTACULAR! and campaign was probably the worst part of the game.

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Very Good

Call of Duty Returns

posted by ihateurmomsson Nov 22, 2012

Call of Duty returns with Black Ops 2 this year. Knowing Treyarch the Campaign should be exciting, the multiplayer should be fun, and the Zombies should be amazing as usual. I wont go much into this title this year, but after playing everything the game has to offer here is my review.

Campaign: Easily the best and most expansive Call of Duty campaign ever. You have decisions to make and different outcomes to get. The graphics are pretty good and the story is amazing. This was probably the best FPS story this year. I give Campaign a 10.

Multiplayer: The MP this year was not as good as I hoped. Treyarch usually makes slowed down fun MP, but in Black Ops 2 the MP is sped up and feels all too like Modern Warfare 2 or 3. With that being said, it's still enjoyable at times. I would rate the Multiplayer a 7.5.

Zombies: Zombies is one of the best modes in any games I have played. It is so much fun and intense. They release new ones for DLC and include really hard "Easter Egg's" to do. This year they introduced Tranzit mode. This new mode allows you to travel from one map to another on a bus seemlessly. After playing hours and hours of Zombies I felt that the maps were small and it felt like too much of the same. It is still easily my favorite thing to do in this game, but not as good as in other Treyarch titles. I would rate Zombies an 8.

Overall this game is fun, but I feel as those they rushed it or didnt put much effort into it. The engine is still the same and overall feel is the same. This game is still a solid 8 though because there is a lot to do for an FPS.

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Another COD...

posted by MetalsonicCD97 (MISHAWAKA, IN) Nov 22, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

Well, its that time of year again. The COD month, and while the latest addition is much better then MW3, it still has that same old same old Multiplayer.
Zombies got a much anticpated improvement that doesn't disapoint. Campaigns in COD games have never really been anything to brag about, but this game really changes that. Not only can you choose a loadout for each mission, but your AI partners actually do stuff! Multiplayer is an improvement compared to past games, though still nothing amazing yet. The attatchments are vastly different now and for the better, such as target finder scope, which puts enemies in a red box for you to aim at. So overall, its probably one of the best entries in the series, but not as good as Halo 4!

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