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posted by alexiswwe4life (STONY POINT, NC) Dec 11, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

is ok i would rather play the 1st than this but its not that bad i would rather get the new halo

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Lackluster Experience Overall

posted by MrSoupSox (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Dec 9, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I've always enjoyed the fun aspects of each (Activision) CoD game. Each game has always had it's flaws, but there's usually some redeeming quality that makes me rent it. Such examples like WaW's zombie mode, same for Black Ops 1 as well as Wager matches, etc. But there's no real selling point for really having fun in this game.
The Black Ops 1 campaign was always really fun to me. It changed the pace of most CoD games, introduced interesting cutscenes and story twists, without feeling forced or rushed. However, I didn't feel the same way for Blops 2. The campaign feels like a desperate attempt to incorporate a futuristic environment, with throwbacks to the original game's characters. I enjoyed playing the campaign admittedly, but the story was weak, and the objectives were annoying and repetitive.

The multiplayer feels repetitive, like many other aspects of this game, as well as unbalanced, and more encouraging of survivalism than the other games. The emphasis on incredibly powered scorestreaks (the hunter killer is beyond annoying) encourages camping even more than the other CoD games, strangely enough. Very disappointing, even after not expecting much in the first place.

Now the zombies, the only reason I even bothered renting this game. I played hundreds of matches both co-op and solo in Blops 1, on all DLC maps, and really liked the additions over WaW. What really disappointed me in this game were the stretched-changes that Activision has made. The futuristic elements that are pumped into every other aspect of the game are lost here; and I feel as if they could have saved this gametype. Tranzit mode is unfairly difficult for solo, repetitive and "easy" for co-op, Grief (4v4 competitive) is a flurry of players knifing others into lava, and speaking of which, your character is lit on fire constantly from invisible streams of lava.

TL; DR Campaign is fun at times, Multiplayer is annoying, and Zombies is a letdown.

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Me gusta

posted by AlphaKnight495 (KUTZTOWN, PA) Dec 8, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

The Game play, Graphics, Game modes , are just perfect. The only thing is... when I got Resident evil 6, their zombies are far easier to kill but compared to these ones, It's more difficult to kill zombies. I really think it sucks to be honest. But everything else ;even LEAGUE is amazing.

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