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GF Rating

Very Good

The Good, The Bad, The Opinion

posted by DarkZero1 (BROOKLYN, NY) Nov 13, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

10 out of 21 gamers (48%) found this review helpful

To start this off i'd like to point out that i haven't done much in the campaign but will tell you what i've seen in the game

The Good:
-Campaign story is good with lots of development and fun new tools and weapons.
-Zombie mode is now 10X better due to the new Transit system
(zombie maps are now more open and have more to go on)
-New class and loadout selections in multiplayer
-Some new Gimmicks add too multiplayer maps.

The Bad:
-Multiplayer maps and Spawns
I can't go into more detail but say that the multipayer is a bit sad.
As i played through the game it seemed way to easy to spawn kill people or trap them very easily.
-No lives XD
Well this really doesn't need explanation but i wish there was some sort of a lvl cap for a day.

The Opinion:
-Would i say this game is worth the rent? Absolutely! The campaign seems like it could keep some players at bay for awhile.
And not only that, the zombies mode is actually worth a try for all those who may not have liked it.

-As for the multiplayer, this has always been a very strong component to the CoD series, for those who are very good at the CoD games, and can do pretty well in a match (usually having more kills then deaths) then this should be no problem for you to adapt.
-But for those who are mediocre and wish to try there hand against the community, prepare for some frustration, losses, and rage quitting XD

Otherwise i would give this game an "8" and say that its worth the rent!

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GF Rating

Really Bad

what a disappointment!!

posted by dja3362 (VERMONTVILLE, MI) Dec 10, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

There was some good things about this game. New weapons. and the zombie game type.

This game has a lot of bugs in it. The multiplayer sucks. The maps were not set up to be a run and shot game. Mostly just camping it feels like. The campaign was a little hard to follow and it felt like a old game. nothing really stood out. This game was a let down. DONT BUY. maybe rent. I am just going to set this game down and go play Halo 4.

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GF Rating


Worst COD ever!!!

posted by racoonsurvivor (HIGH RIDGE, MO) Nov 20, 2012

Member since May 2011

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Let me first start by saying that the fanboys will hate on my review for obvious reasons and that is okay at the end of the day you need to make up your own mind but this is my opinion.

I have been a hardcore COD fan for a long time. I have watched the game turn into the most cinematic event ever and one of the most beautiful games of our time, that is until BO2 came out. I am all for change if it is good, this however was not.

Graphically this game is multiple steps backwards, it looks like a Goldeneye HD game instead of the masterpiece that was MW3. Sound quality is par but again nothing compared to the last game. Gameplay is similar and other than the fact they brought back the running dive not much has changed there.

Now for the game breakdown, the campaign story is just boring, the readers digest is we are at war and have "futuristic" toys at our disposal, (something that GRAW did much better.) The multiplayer feels unfinished and without any form of polish. The Zombie mode feels tacked on because fans wanted it back, the care that the mode had before is not apparent, however there is a new mode that has a few minutes of appeal, until you realize it is just a cover up for the same thing. Guns of the future are all apparently going to look like they came from Borderlands' Pandora, and finally the power ups that are not just re skinned are just not very fun or useful.

I will say this is after playing the game for around four hours with a friend of mine and that we had all but made up our minds in about 30 minutes, however if you have been a fan of Call Of Duty this game will leave you wanting more. If you are new to the series please don't judge based on this. Whatever you do RENT BEFORE YOU BUY!!!! i cannot stress that enough

Sorry COD im switching over to HALO (which hurts my soul a little)

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