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Very Good

Review of Black Ops 2

posted by DawnxDestroyer (RUSHVILLE, OH) Dec 19, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

Even though you still have the classic noobs of call of duty the only problems I have found with this game is the over powered shotguns which hopfully will be fixed and the horrible spawns making it way to easy to spawn trap.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A superb game dragged down by minor issues

posted by RegaDega (BURKE, VA) Dec 18, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

Lately there has been a lot of rather uneccesary hate for the CoD series. I will admit, yes, they have been using updated versions of the same engine and mechanics from CoD 2, and there is every right to complain for the lack of new and innovative content, but now it's getting to be rediculous, with random haters (some of which haven't even played the games) giving the series a notorious reputation, both experience and community wise.

Now that i have gotten that out of my system, here is my review of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the first out of many recent CoD games to introduce true innovation in the series.

+The story is well made (thankfully) and includes different branching endings depending on your actions throughout your playthrough of it
+Raul Menendez is perhaps one of the best video game villains ever made (Thank you, David Goyer!)
+Ties in nicely with the first Black Ops story
-The Strike Force missions are sometimes frustrating

+The new "Pick 10" system of Create-a-class offers some cool new options and balance for MP
+Some of the maps are well made and paced; HUGE improvement over MW3
+Pretty easy to rank up compared to other titles
- MFing LAG COMPENSATION!!!! I have high-speed internet and in every game, even if my matchmaking preferences are set to best, I get aweful, AWEFUL hit detection. If a Treyarch member is reading this, PLEASE fix this ASAP

Honestly there is nothing bad to say with zombies this time around. I personally wasn't impressed with BO1 zombies, but this time around I was impressed! As always, its a blast to play this online with friends, and the new modes are fun, too.

If you get past some of the minor problems presented in the game, Black Ops 2 is a great game. Do everyone on gameFly a favor and don't feed the trolls and haters. They're mostly hypocrites :/

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GF Rating


A game worth a rent

posted by FluffyMan23 (FREDERICK, MD) Dec 17, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

Now does black ops 2 have it's problems yes every game does but a have seen reviews of people ragging on the campaign and such okay the campaign is good very good i like to feel like my choices if provided have an impact this campaign makes me feel that the villian is a regular villian who is a little more flushed out then the villian in the first game. Now the multiplayer personally COD multiplayer never really changes new perks new changes never really worked with me since i'm not really good at this game i admit but the multiplayer i never had a problem with and the people complaining about lag well that's your or someone elses connection can't be helped. Now the Zombies return and this is what Tryarch is best at now the characters are diffrent you got 4 new ones Marlton,Misty,Sammuel,and Russman now they replace the old crew which i dislike the only ones that give the best lines is Marlton and Sammuel. Really Demspey and the orginal zombie killers better show up soon or i don't know just be mad the map Tranzit is a new map where you get on a bus and go to 5 locations and when you hear that bus horn go you have a minute to get back on it's really frustrating to be left by the bus. So i'm not going to drive into Zombies that much but all in all this game is worth a rent not perfect but no game ever is if you never been a COD this is not a game for you especially since it's a sequel to previous game and that is my review

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