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The future changes everything

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Dec 20, 2012

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Black Ops 2 is definitely a fresh step away from the modern warfare CODs that I'm so sick of. But Treyarch's decisions to create a futuristic FPS backfired for me with the online multiplayer, which is why we all buy COD games.

CAMPAIGN: Probably the best COD campaign so far (still needs co-op badly). The story is great, and the struggle with a ruthless terrorist creates a solid realistic experience. What's new is that certain choices you make alter the story, so your play could be diff than your buddy's campaign. Treyarch also made small optional side-missions that you can play or skip. These are like tactical squad command missions, and they are horrible. But if you want a good ending, you'll play em anyway.

ONLINE PLAY: My least favorite of the franchise, and I was a HUGE fan of Black Ops 1's online play. The future stuff backfires here for me. Instead of killstreaks to earn rewards, everything is based on points, using scorestreaks. It's impossible to build up because spawning is horrible, map design is bad, and sight lines are almost too plentiful. All you end up doing is aim for a tiny head across a map.

Ghost mode perk also only works if you are moving, so UAVs are a huge pain, forcing me to always carry a rocket 2nd weapon. You can also use your points to customize a loadout anyway you like. I.E. use them to stack 3 attachments to a gun, or make a speed class that uses 4 perks on a stock gun. I hate the cheap future tech attachments, and I think the balance is horrible because of it.

ZOMBEEEEZ: The best zombies so far. Tranzit map takes you on a bus to like 5 different areas, so it's the size of all other zombie maps combined. It's a ton of fun, and the easter egg secrets are crazy. I'm a fan of the zombies modes, so I play this more than the other modes.

BO2 is still worth buying, but I think Halo 4 is a better online FPS. The depth is here, but the futuristic stuff ruins it a little too much for me.

Milt Drucker

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Very Good

Review of Black Ops 2

posted by DawnxDestroyer (RUSHVILLE, OH) Dec 19, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

Even though you still have the classic noobs of call of duty the only problems I have found with this game is the over powered shotguns which hopfully will be fixed and the horrible spawns making it way to easy to spawn trap.

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Very Good

A superb game dragged down by minor issues

posted by RegaDega (BURKE, VA) Dec 18, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

Lately there has been a lot of rather uneccesary hate for the CoD series. I will admit, yes, they have been using updated versions of the same engine and mechanics from CoD 2, and there is every right to complain for the lack of new and innovative content, but now it's getting to be rediculous, with random haters (some of which haven't even played the games) giving the series a notorious reputation, both experience and community wise.

Now that i have gotten that out of my system, here is my review of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the first out of many recent CoD games to introduce true innovation in the series.

+The story is well made (thankfully) and includes different branching endings depending on your actions throughout your playthrough of it
+Raul Menendez is perhaps one of the best video game villains ever made (Thank you, David Goyer!)
+Ties in nicely with the first Black Ops story
-The Strike Force missions are sometimes frustrating

+The new "Pick 10" system of Create-a-class offers some cool new options and balance for MP
+Some of the maps are well made and paced; HUGE improvement over MW3
+Pretty easy to rank up compared to other titles
- MFing LAG COMPENSATION!!!! I have high-speed internet and in every game, even if my matchmaking preferences are set to best, I get aweful, AWEFUL hit detection. If a Treyarch member is reading this, PLEASE fix this ASAP

Honestly there is nothing bad to say with zombies this time around. I personally wasn't impressed with BO1 zombies, but this time around I was impressed! As always, its a blast to play this online with friends, and the new modes are fun, too.

If you get past some of the minor problems presented in the game, Black Ops 2 is a great game. Do everyone on gameFly a favor and don't feed the trolls and haters. They're mostly hypocrites :/

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