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GF Rating

Above Average

More of the same

posted by CrkdWookie (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Dec 31, 2012

Member since Sep 2010

You can't say you don't get your money's worth. The game almost warrants a higher score based sorely upon the amount of content that's there - the campaign, co-op missions, the COD multiplayer suite that everyone has come to expect, and a fleshed out zombie mode.

That said, I personally am just over the franchise as a whole. The games are starting to border on self parody. The stories are getting more and more nonsensical and convoluted and hard to follow.

Most unforgivably the typical campaign mission has you pushing through endless hordes of respawning enemies until you hit a predetermined point that cuts the flow and lets you advance to the next section. Rinse and repeat. Plot twists, explosions, and hard to follow exposition abound.

You'll die frequently, have no idea where the bullet or grenade that got you came from, and painfully advance through the missions after constant respawns and no idea why you made it through a section finally after dying repeatedly trying. It's not even trial and error so much as blind luck making progress.

There is a lot here, and a lot of things to like. The game throws a lot of cool sequences at you, any of which could have been fleshed out into their own gameplay concept, but it gets bogged down with the battlefield slog, arbitrary vehicle and turret segments, and the jumbled plot skipping around in time.

Be prepared to watch 20 minutes of cut scene to start off the game, circa 2025, only to jump back and spend the next hour or two playing in 1986 Africa, then back with little context or clear explanation.

A very polished blockbuster, amazing multiplayer, but the series as a whole has just gotten so big and bombastic that it's starting to make Michael Bay movies look Oscar-worthy.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Some of these Reviews are Rediculous

posted by PoloCamps (ATLANTA, GA) Dec 29, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

Black Ops 2 is a pretty good game. Some of the bad reviews are coming from guys that can't seem to master the game. While some of the over the top excited reviews are by guys who are just completely dominating in this game
Now I for one am pretty good at this game and I will try to give as accurate review as possible. BO2 is not a 10 but certainly not anything below a 7.

If you were never a fan of zombies then there are reasons to try it this time around because it has only gotten better(more difficult but better).
The campaign is exceptional but let's get to he main point everyone wants to know about, the MULTIPLAYER.

It's a lot of the same, just different maps, kill steaks , guns and class setups. TreyArch (in my opinion ) have outdone themselves with the new customization system, and by creating a real SCORESYSTEM based SCORESTREAKS. If u don't know what scorestreaks are it's the new system used to get your kill streak like back in MW3, only this time they put more emphasis on playing the objective.

Now all that being said there is a reason BO2 fails to obtain a higher score. The multiplayer can be really be frustrating if you end up on the wrong side of video game phenomenon called "lag compensation". I'm not gonna go over what that is but if you want more info google it and you will learn swiftly. This one problem alone is enough to make this game "unplayable" and that is the frustration you see in these other reviews.

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GF Rating


Too Short

posted by AndrewStark (BEDFORD, KY) Dec 28, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I enjoyed the story, it kept me wanting to play more. Although as you play the game is so similar to MW3. The Graphics of vehicles and weapons were not very great either.
What really disapointed me was the length of the game. I recieved this as a Christmas Present and upon approximately 2-3hrs of play I had the game beat on the hardended level. I haven't had a chance to play any of the multiplayer yet but all in all. I hope the next one, which I'm sure there will be one will be better.

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