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Call of Duty: Black Ops II


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Also on:Wii U, PS3
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posted by DaMan12345 (VACAVILLE, CA) Jan 21, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Yo so check it out dis game is da bomb.I just played it at my friends house for like 5hrs and im already addicted to it.Its got great graphics and it got some new guns.

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Above Average

Not what it used to be...

posted by getswag Jan 18, 2013

I used to be a huge fan of the COD series like some other people, but now that has all changed. When MW3 came out it was nothing but rage quitting over and over but it was the only multiplayer i played and then i had my doubts about blops 2. I was right but first I'll tell you the good and bad side of this game.

Good: To start off GREAT JOB! Treyarch i was very pleased with the single player great storyline and i like making your own class before starting the mission my favorite would be the descisions you make to make the outcome of the game well done. ZOMBIES is back and better, i love the new modes like custom games grief survival etc. Tranzit was well done well innovated good idea.

Bad: If you haven't guessed the bad part it is the HORRENDOUS multiplayer!!! The guns are overpowered, the players are either noobs, try hards, or hackers, the maps have more corners so more camping, no good perks really, pick ten class setup was alright, LAG, terrible servers, and host migration gets worse every COD, and the list still goes on.

I'm sorry Treyarch but i think this is my last COD the years were good. My opinion start over or just stop the series your losing more fans every year.

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My biggest disappointment in 2012!

posted by N3xium (DETROIT, MI) Jan 18, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

Granted I did not let myself get hyped up over this game since every year there is another one coming out. But with that said I could not help but after playing both single and multiplayer to feel very disappointed. Now thankfully I only ended up paying $19 for this title but that only helped soften the blow this game gave me. Starting with the single player you are given a story where the bad guy is angry at the U.S. and gathers followers by claiming to support the 99% and it is up to the good guys to stop him. The story is not entirely linear and for some can get confusing going back and forth on the timeline. But don't let the generic story plot scare you until you hear about the way they stole from ME3 and Deus Ex by making your decisions or lack of decision change the outcome in the game. Now I loved that about Mass Effect but it does not translate as well in a game that you just want a canon storyline without diverging alternate endings. Now if that wasn't bad enough lets talk about how they added something else that effects the story called "strikeforce missions" which play like RTS games and just don't feel natural in an FPS game. This now leaves us with the most lackluster and possibly worst part of the game, multiplayer. I can't even fully describe how bad the multiplayer is between the guns that all seem the same and the messing up of everything that made the other games multiplayer great. Matter of fact if you want to play a good multiplayer with COD then play one of the previous ones. Overall I am giving this a 5 out of 10 and really hope nobody is willing to pay $60 for this junk.

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