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Its COD but its a little better

posted by BarterClub (PORTLAND, OR) Nov 15, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

You need to remember this is COD but its better with zombies. Its still a ok game when you want to layout. But this is the same graphics from 4 years ago. There needs to be a refresh in graphics and code to keep people happy with there game. They sell a lot but don't update the game in thoes fields.

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Above Average

Black Ops 2 In a Nutshell

posted by DogHots (GREENDALE, WI) Nov 22, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

5 out of 9 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

Put this on my GameQ out of spite and as a joke, and guess what shows up at my house a few days later?

All mad aside, the game isn't all that bad. Story wise. I thought that for a FPS the story was REALLY good. This time around, the writers really stepped things up and made the campaign really enjoyable!

Campaign had a lot of new innovations that mostly helped out. For example, I actually felt compelled to replay the story after I was finished, as there are actual choices you can make that will change the ending of the game. Now that alone impressed me.

Another of the additions to campaign include being able to change your loadout before a mission. If you only wanted to use two guns the entire game, you could. I thought it was absolutely hilarious to run around with a tiger camo RPG.

One of the additions that really hurt campaign, however, was the addition of the Strike Force missions. The idea is simple, give the player a few units to control from either an overhead view, or taking control of them. Sounds cool, but the execution was horrible. Without you controlling them, the units were absolutely useless, and with enemies spawning EVERYWHERE every few seconds, there really wasn't much you could do. Overall very frustrating and not in the least bit enjoyable.

Multiplayer... just no. Core is now hardcore, where you die in 2 shots no matter what gun there is. I found myself wondering what hardcore is like. Do you die if someone looks in your general direction? STAY AWAY FROM MULTIPLAYER.

Ive never really been a fan of COD zombies, so I only played a little of the games new zombies. Same old, same old. If you like that, then go for it.

Overall, they did some really nice things with the game. BO2 really surprised me with their single player innovation and amazing writing that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with one of the best villains to date. But over and over again, I found myself saying "Thank God I didn't buy this game." Another year

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Nothing Has Changed

posted by skidrosa90 (TUCSON, AZ) Nov 13, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

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seems they made an attempt to come up with something new and fresh to the COD games but i feel like i just payed for new maps because the game types are all the same the only thing i find new is the weapons and the class set ups this was really disappointing if i could go back in time and save 60$ i would in a heart beat.

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