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Above Average

This game was okay but not worse than MW3.

posted by Dawnslayer13 (UNIONTOWN, OH) Feb 27, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

I thought this game was gonna be Call of Duties revival. But it was'nt. Vahn, Mark, Dan, Jimmy, did not put too much evert when it looked like they did. They got to understand that CoD is dieing or you will get no MONEY. I want to start the game off with the Campaign. The Campaign has changed and gotten better than ever. You get to choose your loadout for your class in the campaign, Get to make choices so your story is different from others, So many epic moments, and Raul Menedez, the mexican you are going to HATE. Halo 4 failed to make a good villian. You only saw him just quite a few times then you kill him very easy. Raul same thing though. The Campaign is a fantastic job and has its shocking moments. I give the Campaign 9.4 As for the Graphics, Its aged a bit. But not the best. If your a graphic lover and will not play games with bad graphics. It really depends because a lot of people think the graphics are junk and some people don't, like me I do not think they are bad. I give the Graphics a 6.8 Multiplayer. It is a DANG COPY OF MW3 MULTI?! That really ruins it. Why would you copy the worst CoD game on the planet and make it in your new game! That is terrible! Should of stuck with Bo1 or MW2. Multiplayer is a 5.5 Horrible spawns, noob friendly, misplaced perk slots, headglitch vile and alot others you will get angry about. Now finally...The Zombies. Zombies has changed A LOT! New survivors, building equipment, new ways to travel around and so much more. Bo2 has very impressive survival mode. There is game modes such as Survival. Survival makes you survive on a little city. 3 to choose from, Grief. You get to compete against other people in a 4 v 4 v zombies and try to take down the other 4 before they take you down. Turned. I do not think its a copy of L4D. But Turned is interesting. Die Rise and Tranzit. Pretty okay maps. I give zombies a 9.6 . I would prefer black ops 1 instead. I give BO2 7/10. Bo1 is better!

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Scratched Game

posted by 063039 (BAXTER, IA) Feb 26, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

mine was scratched so I couldn't play it!!!!

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posted by XxcrypticxX (Radcliff, KY) Feb 25, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

surpasses unrealist games like halo

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