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GF Rating

Above Average

Kind of boring to be honest

posted by smclarke (HOUSTON, TX) May 6, 2013

Member since Nov 2008

Just a lot of running around with no real skill set needed to complete the game even on the highest settings. Run and shoot, repeat. I kind of digged the story line though. I guess I'm more of a Splinter Cell / Hitman fan where you have to actually think about what you're going to do and not just go in guns blazing all the time. Still, it kept me entertained for a few hours.

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GF Rating



posted by jasonjas1993 (SANTEE, CA) May 4, 2013

Member since May 2013

i have bought every cod since cod 4 and they have been getting progressively worse the campaign is boring and is over in no time and the multiplayer is a mess of lag,campers and horrible spawns the guns are weak and the grenades are over powered

this is most definitely going to be the last cod I buy

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GF Rating

Above Average

Feels the same with not much improvement

posted by CreepyToast (LAWTON, OK) Apr 28, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Okay, I'll start from Campaign, Multiplayer, then Zombies.

The campaign here, it's not entirely bad, but it has the shooting and more shooting. It really downed me since it had very much shooting and just that...but it got better with the usable vehicles, so it feels like its improved a bit more.

The multiplayer is a bit worse than the campaign, it happens to be just shooting each other, and the killstreaks turning into scorestreaks makes it just feel stupid since it takes an even longer time to get something like the UAV. Also the perks are fine, I have no problem, the weapons are great too including the attachments. I enjoy those. Some of the maps are a bit too tight. It makes less points of snipers in these issues sometimes. Okay, so the Nuketown map is only by pre-order? The first Black Ops originally had it, so why make it cost on the second one?

Okay, the final one is the Zombies. I love this one the most with even more maps, and gamemodes for zombies, that's just amazing. I enjoy zombies the most out of this, but I don't happen to be able to find the reason towards why. It's really fun and enjoying surviving from the zombies and riding around in a bus everywhere. The mystery box is the most exciting and wondering thing to try. The pack-a-punch helps me survive even longer with upgrading my weapons. I also expected the versus to be a 4v4 shooting each other while shooting zombies but it didn't turn out as expected. But with more people in a survival game actually helps for you to go longer in the rounds.

That's all I have to say, also, I'm not used to reviewing, so don't judge this too harshly.

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