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GF Rating


Good not great but good

posted by justnotapro (SWEETWATER, TX) Nov 14, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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I'm not to good at reviews but I believe this game deserves a good rating.
I haven't completed the game yet. What I have figured out so far is the game is like BO1. Story line was boring up until i got a few hours into it(hey i dunno how long it takes the average gamer to beat the game but i like to enjoy mine) and the whole crazy twisted story starts to fall into place.
I really enjoy the futuristic parts of the game, but i can say one thing they could of atleast spent a bit more time adding different faces to the game. I swear I stopped to look at one group of soldiers and every single face was the same. I busted out laughing.
Here is another downer I just HATED, while playing the game I never knew when I was gonna have control over my character. I would go to move to follow the person ahead of me but alas the game had control over him. I dont get enough freedom like that.

MP I cant tell you how that goes yet. I played one match and it was funny( considering i was just messing around with the C4 and being a jerk). Zombies I have NO IDEA because to be honest I cant play that to even save my life.
The whole striker unit missions reminds me of Halo Wars....Im no fan of it(yes i own the game..) and didnt enjoy commanding units around. Sorry but it did remind me of halo lol.
So yeah keep in mind the game will be just like all the others they came out with. I bet you a cool $1,00,000 that the next one they release will be the same disappointment. I enjoyed it and im still enjoying it.

IN all After all my poor reviewing i still give this game a 10. What do you expect from them? They made countless games that all are basically the same!!!

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GF Rating


My favorite game ever

posted by swaggsauce17 (NORTHFIELD, IL) Aug 27, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

this is my favorite game i have ever played and i have played a lot of games. I love everything about this game. The zombies is just so fun (its my favorite part of the game)
the Multiplayer has really great balanced maps and they have so many good guns and equitment to chose from. I have not relay played the campaign much but from what I've heard its pretty fun. This game is just all around great!


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GF Rating


Ok, but lost interest.

posted by Cowboysoldier (SOPHIA, WV) Aug 14, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

Most people like cod for zombies. I think zombies is simple minded , so I love campaign mode. Campaign was ok, not near as good as black ops 1, or mw3. It kinda related to mw2 . I just like a realistic game, on something that really happened, based on real wars.

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