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What happened to this series

posted by MandleBomb (WEST COLUMBIA, SC) Nov 18, 2012

Member since Sep 2005

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I've played every CoD since the first PC title and I'm utterly disgusted with this series of games. The campaign is a joke, I completed it in one evening of game play (I would have been furious if I had paid $60 for this). The story line has been done before, see the first 3 modern warfare games... just insert new bad guy that has a reason to feel jaded with the world.

Understandably, the last 4 games hasn't really focused on the campaign though, they are really made for multi-player. That's OK with me, I understand that online play is where things have been for a while. But, the multi-player is flawed. The maps, they're great. The perks have been dwindled down to a handful, which is also OK because they were getting out of control with all the perks and counter perks,etc. The problem with this game is the actual network code that it runs on. If you have a good internet connection be prepared to throw your controller every 5 minutes (yes I said good connection). Activision has been using what they call 'lag compensation' for several years and it's gotten abundantly worse. Basically, to 'even' the playing field between people who have dial-up connection speeds and people who have high speed internet, they intentionally 'lag' or delay the connections of the people with good internet speeds so that the people with horrible connections have a chance. Unfortunately, if you have a good connection, you cannot not do anything about this other than accept the fact that one match you may get killed 5 times and the next you may die 30 times... it has very little to do with skill (you still have to aim and shoot) but the connections are never reliable. If you have a bad internet connection.... you will love this game because you will pretty much mow people down in multi-player (again you still have to be able to aim and shoot). Again, I've played all of these games and prestiged more than I care to admit online, but I think I've played my last CoD match... such a sad day

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non-Fanboy Review, Honest review

posted by Halo3357 (HUDSON FALLS, NY) Nov 17, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

Call of Duty Black Ops 2, a not so far ahead futuristic game i found it pretty fun and frustrating at times. i have played every call of duty and this was actually pretty cool i hated the modern warfare series and black ops 1 wasn't all that great so this i had to rent and not buy , .


Pros: pretty decent graphics for a cod game, ZOMBIES!! :D, Multiplayer can be fun with friends, good co op, This may not be a big factor but this game doesn't require a online pass which makes me give them a thumbs up because games that require a online pass make it terrible for when you want to borrow the game.

Cons: LAGGG i have a bad connection a lot so multiplayer was really bad because id be going back and forth..(could easily be fixed with dedicated servers) like every cod game when you get frustrated from dying you start to notice the unfairness such as putting a ton of bullets in someones head then to have them turn around and shoot you and kill you.

Personally id say this a great rent and prehaps to some a buy

for me this is one of those games id have in my gaming pile for when i'm in my gaming junkie mood ( laziness included with a bottle of mtn dew and chips.)

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by Tokon (SNELLVILLE, GA) Nov 22, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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I've played the Modern Warfare games and have always been very happy wit the story line with story lines that the game developers. Even Black Ops 1 had a good plot line. Black Ops 2 has a good idea for a plot then fails to execute it. The plot twists that the game throws at the player are not surprises. Everyone is predictable and boring. In Modern Warfare one when the nuke goes off I was surprised and aghast. I got no such feeling from this game. There was only one time I care about a character dying and they weren't even a main character.

The plot line isn't the only issue with this game. The graphics are sub-par for the current generation of games. It looks like they took Modern Warfare 2 graphics and updated them just a small bit. Battlefield 3 which is a few years old now looks better then Black Ops 2. Everyone is Black Ops 2 is sweating all the time. The backgrounds, however, look wonderful. There is one level when you have to walk through a flood area and the water looked good. This means that the backgrounds have gotten far more attention this the characters which is disappointing.

The play is the same old same old for recent Call of Duty games. The new gadgets for the future part of the games do add something interesting to the shooting. The multiplayer is just about the same as Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 1. There are some improvement such as the pick 10 for setting up a class. Everything else is the same from previous games including the game types.

If you like Call of Duty for the story line then don't bother with this game, it's a waste of time. If you like the just shooting up everything and don't care about the plot then this game is for you. Either way this game should be rented not bought.

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