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The Call of Duty franchise begins to show its age.

posted by Sideshow (JACINTO CITY, TX) Nov 13, 2012

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I've been really hyped up for this game since it was first announced but now that I'm actually playing it I can't help but feel a little disappointed with some aspects of the game.

The Bad -

LACKLUSTER MAP DESIGN - Totally symmetrical maps really hurt what could have been a good MP experience. I was really hoping that the maps would be like the maps from BO1 where they had a nice balance of ranged combat to CQC. Instead you will constantly find yourself spraying and praying around corners and running into campers like you wouldn't believe.

CORE MECHANICS FROM BO1 ARE GONE - I really felt like I was playing MW3 when I first started playing and that is not a good thing. Where did the great game play mechanics from BO1 go that made it fun to play?? I didn't really enjoy MW3 and now that i'm seeing glaring similarities to it in BO2 its really making me feel slightly disappointed.

STILL FEELS LIKE THE SAME OLE THING - I know no one wants the Call of Duty franchise to make any drastic changes but i'm seriously running out of reasons to keep buying these games. I put my faith in this game because of how ambitious it looked but in my opinion its all polish and no substance.

NUKETOWN AS A PREORDER BONUS - I thought this was really stupid and kinda greedy on Activision's part. If I pay $60 for a game I expect ALL content to be in there when I get it.

The Good -

CAMPAIGN HAS REPLAY VALUE - The campaign continues the BO1 story line and actually turns out to be pretty enjoyable just like the last game. The introduction of the story arc makes the campaign even more fun, giving the player different choices to make that affect how the game ends and how the story goes.

ZOMBIES ARE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER - So much detail has been put into the Zombies part of the game and to me it shows that Treyarch understands how much people love that part of the game. There is a Zombie based campaign, traditional Survival and even a Pvp vs Zombies addition.


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Cod Fatigue has set in.

posted by Pete89 (HOLMDEL, NJ) Nov 26, 2012

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I am giving this game a 5 because I enjoy Zombies and it still has that overall FPS polish (unlike MOH Warfighter).
I was a HUGE fan of Blops1, with that and the original MW as my faves. Blops 2 disgraces 1 in every way.

The multiplayer SUCKS. This game feels like MW 3.5 The original Blops had old school guns and just felt unique, meanwhile all the guns in Blops 2 are WEAK. The guns are so uninteresting and feel so underpowered its just lame. The spawning is ATROCIOUS, esp on big games like Ground War. You will be shooting the enemy only to have them spawn right behind you. HEY WHY DONT YOU SPAWN PLAYERS IN A SPOT THATS CUT OFF TO THE ENEMY?
The hit detection is horrendous, as you will put 5 bullets into an enemy only to die first.

The community is horrible too. Kids just camp and camp and camp, laying prone to shoot you or sitting in a window sniping. Ghost has been moved to level 55 so you gotta slog around until you are invisible from the 15 UAVs that will be called. Grenades are ridiculous too, wayyyyyy to powerful.

You would think after many games and billions of dollars, Activision and its developers would fix these problems, but no they are too happy sitting on their billions to care. Ill play this game for another week then toss it aside for Halo or Far Cry 3.

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What a mess...

posted by ZachErnesti (LINCOLN, NE) Nov 19, 2012

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I used to be a huge Call of Duty fan dating all the way back to Finest Hour up until till Modern Warfare 2 but as of late the franchise has lost its appeal.

This review is purely based on online multiplayer because I can never manage to drag myself through 6 hours of shooting brainless NPCs with only a few interesting first person action sequences to keep the pulse going. In my opinion, the issue with COD these days is complete loss of simplicity. Remember the good old days when there was just a UAV, airstrike, and a helicopter for your kill streaks? 7 kills and done with the rewards, and thats the way it should be. Now you get rewards for 20 kills and unless you're John Rambo you aren't going to reach that many kills without camping. So it would appear that COD's idea of innovation is to simply add more and more until all the kill streaks and attachments collapse in on themselves and create a black hole.

Another area where the multiplayer begins to fall apart is the maps, which are just one big flank fest and when people can spawn from every direction that is a HUGE problem. I can't tell you how many times I checked behind me, turned around, then got shot in the back... from someone who just spawned. None of the guns feel cool to shoot, lack any feeling of power, both teams are dressed basically the same, maps are bad, the grenades seem to posses the weight of a brick, horrible mix of campers and idiots running around, chaotic experience of kill streaks, and an over all out dated feel. Just Blahhhh.

I guess when it comes down to it, only Call of Duty can destroy Call of Duty cause people will keep lining up for hours to get a hold of a midnight release copy. As for me, this is officially my last COD game no matter how huge the promise of innovation is. But if you don't wanna take my word for it, enjoy your copy of Slightly-Less-Modern-Warfare Ops 10000.

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