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posted by Ihavejameswoods (NORTH DARTMOUTH, MA) May 18, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

MP is worth it. I didn't play the campaign.

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Best Handheld Shooter out there

posted by Viewtiful_Josh (LAS VEGAS, NV) May 1, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

If you're looking for the closest experience to a console version of a FPS then this is the game. Sure, it is nothing compared to them, but it comes close. NOTE: Since this game is on a handheld, the console versions will have no effect on my reviewing of this game.

The single player levels are action packed and well designed. You get to see helicopters crash, breach into rooms, and have some entertaining gun fights. You have 3 levels of difficulty which are pretty hard. There are time trials and a game mode where infinite number of enemies come to kill you. It's fun to play and it really doesn't get repetitive. The only bad thing is the amount of content in the game. There aren't that many campaign levels to play, so you will beat the game in a heartbeat. But that's where multiplayer comes in... but it doesn't really save the day either. The load times have been improved but you still get kicked after waiting for so long to play a game. I ran into that problem 3/10 times I played online. Not consistent, but it's there to haunt you. I wish they released more maps because it is a shame that there are a few multiplayer maps to play in. The size of them are perfect for the number of players playing though.

It's a fun game to play, but you're going to either beat it or get bored of it quickly. Nevertheless, this is a great game to rent-- a reason why there is GameFly!

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A Mediocre Experience

posted by eh_rok (VANCOUVER, WA) Apr 15, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

The single player mode in this game is fun, but it is marred by a lackluster story and a terrible use of a checkpoint system (hint: there isn't any). Every time you die, you are forced to replay the entire mission from the beginning, cutscenes and all.

The multiplayer mode is the only saving grace for this game, although it too isn't that great. On it's own, the multiplayer modes in Declassified work quite well. As a Call of Duty game, however, they aren't that good. People expect a certain level of quality out of the Call of Duty franchise that just isn't present in this game. While the leveling and perks system are all here, the controls are gimmicky and difficult to use (pulling the grenade from a touch icon takes way longer than simply hitting a physical button). The maps are all either too small or too big for the maximum 4 v 4 gameplay. Some people will still enjoy this game, but this will be a waste of time for most.

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