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This one should have stayed Classified...

posted by SirYami220 (BRISTOL, CT) Nov 22, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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A Call Of Duty title for the PSVita was something that me and many others were looking forward to. Unfortunately this one misses the mark by a longshot.

A Botched Campaign
For starters, the Campaign mode is not an actual story. It comes in the form of short and disjointed Operations that don't seem to make much sense. You get to choose between 3 difficulties for each one. If you choose Veteran, prepare to see the intro to a level many times because you can't skip it. The enemy AI borders on downright stupid to straight up psychotic. Sometimes you can watch an enemy throw a grenade at the wall in front of itself or shoot a car it's using for cover until it explodes. All of this makes for a generally bad Campaign experience.

Control Issues
The controls for this game are a little on the floaty and awkward side, especially when throwing grenades.

The graphics for this game are impressive, but levels might come off as a little dull.

Where's Zombies?
Instead of Zombies we get a mode called Hostiles which is similar to Modern Warfare 3's Survival mode, albeit stripped down. You kill all the enemies in a wave and get a care package which can give a killstreak, ammo, or a new weapon.

Multiplayer is typically what COD fans buy the game for and this game delivers on it somewhat. You have almost everything that its' bigger brothers have but again, it's stripped down and very basic looking. Loading and waiting times for lobbies are a little long as well. Sometimes you might get kicked after a match has finished loading up with no explanation at all, leaving you to find another match and wait some more. However , the gameplay for multiplayer is probably the best aspect of the game save for occasional spawns in enemy crosshairs and claustrophobic level design.

Final Thought
All in all, this game is definitely not worth the asking price. It doesn't live up to expectations. It feels rushed, and we all know how rushed games tend to turn o

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GF Rating

Above Average

At Least It is Something New

posted by Freeze17 (KUNA, ID) Nov 15, 2012

Member since Jan 2005

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

COD Declassified is a step in the right direction. It adds another FPS with multiplayer which is good and it adds another game to play. That being said I found the controls hard to use. I'm not sure they could have done anything better with the lack of the additional trigger buttons but I was taken out several times just because your fingers have to leave the joysticks at times. The other drawback is lobby size and map size. Too small to have much longevity. It seems like you are doing the same thing over and over and are on top of each other the whole time. I would say this is a renter or purchase if you really, really want a FPS with multiplayer.

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GF Rating


Great Game, Best on Vita so far.

posted by Volc (SHEPHERD, MT) Nov 13, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

7 out of 15 gamers (47%) found this review helpful

The Multiplayer is outstanding, haven't tried Campaign yet but i've heard it's 2 hours. The multiplayer has a rank system as usual, the maps are great, weapons are great, controls are very well thought out. I only wish it had Custom Games where you can practice against bots for when internet goes bad. Overall i give it a 9/10 because there's some things i feel it needs.

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