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Halo 3 Killer?

posted by desolute (MODESTO, CA) Nov 7, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

102 out of 130 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

Short Review:
650 obtainable online ranks, dozens of weapons, and probably hundreds of character customization choices make this a game to definitely not under estimate.

Great Single Player (although its a bit short at only about 6.5hours), the real meat and potatoes of this game is its amazing online play, yes amazing!

Long Review:
For those lucky enough to have played the Beta for this game, you have already gotten a sweet taste of the most delicious online play to hit the 360.

650, SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY, ranks! Customizable character classes once you hit rank four, and countless ways to approach the online game honestly make this a must buy.

Go ahead, rent it, you'll soon be clicking the Keep It button. Don't be afraid, your copy of halo 3 might collect a bit of dust...but it will be worth it.

I can strongly recommend this game if your a fan of the more tactical, non bunny hop, fighting. Think Rainbow Six but with focus on more open warfare.

This game really reviews itself, so quit reading this and go rent it already.

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Still one of the best.

posted by Sapremic (DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA) May 24, 2010

Member since May 2010

13 out of 16 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

This game is amazing! It's fun and it's got quite a lot of guns and weaponry to choose from. I enjoyed it a lot more than Modern Warfare 2. MW2 felt dumbed down, repetitive and stupid. More than half of MW2s fan base is angry little kids and there's nothing other than taking out your mic or muting them you can do about it. However, in CoD4 (MW2 is MW2, not CoD6) you can stay in party chat and talk to your friends. Even if you were to venture into game chat you'll mostly meet kids who are actually old enough to be playing the game. I blame it on New Age Parenting. Give your kid an xbox and whatever games he wants without checking them, and let the xbox live community teach him how to grow. (A bad idea, in cause you're one of those new age parents.)

Regardless of that, all the maps are well laid out and entertaining. There's even a map pack. And guess what, it doesn't cost almost the price of a game.

I mean, what the heck is that about? 15 dollars for 3 new maps? How about 15 bucks to go jump off a cliff.

All in all, CoD4 is a FAR superior game to MW2, it's more balanced and it rewards players who have skill. Rather than giving noobs the ability to kill pros, it gives everyone a fair chance. If you can't cut it, you can't cut it.

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CoD4 Its great short and simple.

posted by Av3rAg3JoE (HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, AR) Sep 5, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Alright this is my first review so bear with meh.I'll start by saying this, i do indeed love this game its great in almost every aspect. I've been seeing this game compared to halo on multiple occasions, seriously shut up people both games have their flaws and pros and cons so stop the debates and seemingly endless bickering i DO play both as i am a Colonel G3 in Halo and Rank7 level 55 Prestige in CoD4. Sorry about the rant now time for the review.This game is great its graphics are visually mind-blowing, the characters are rendered great, there are no framerate issues, and the game doesnt slow down when something big happens like a huge explosion etc. The story is actually pretty good its not THE best story in a game, but for a game not set in WWII (which is a very tired game concept btw) it had to come with a fictional story and it doesnt dissapoint imo. The campaign IS short about 6-8hrs, BUT remember this, "A game is only as short as YOU want it to be". Couch/Online Co-Op campaign would have been a very nice addition but meh i can live w/o. Now on to the multiplayer,
the multiplayer in this game is very addictive to me i like trying all kinds of things with the guns and perks attachments etc but i've pretty much done all kinds of combos. The Multiplayer DOES have its flaws though. Such as people wanting to ruin a game like Hardcore TD people will just spawn on my team and shoot a rocket on the ground and team kill the entire time...lame, i like the auto kick function though. Somethings can be very "cheap" as a person would say like getting the P90 or Dual-Wielding grenade launchers, which can be i guess but you cant blame the opponent for making use of what hes got remember in online "this is War son!". Alot of people will say things like "expect to get owned by people with better guns" all the guns are good just need to know how to use them and remember "The only to get better is by playing a better opponent". To sum it up its worth the buy imho, peace out.

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