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Great Sniping Spot in District

In the map District walk up the stairs and jump on to the concession stand right in front of you. Then, jump on to the arch next to you. Now walk up it until you're able to pull yourself up. It's a great place for sniping.

Awesome Sniping Spot

Backlot is a good map for sniping. There is a awsome sniping spot for the better players, if yo find the large building in the centre of the map and go up to the mounted gun look to the right and in the distance there is another mounted gun, go to that spot its a building with stairs and a sort of dinner hall place and go up stairs to the spot. be warned your opponent can come up too so leave him a bomb or somthing that goes boom and you can sniper around 60% of the map.

Hiding Spot on Overgrown

On Overgrown if you go in the middle of the stage and look to the north you will see a building and a fence in front of it. Go to the right of the fence and you should see a wall (hill) that cannot be climbed on. If you look at the wall (hill) you will see a black mark on it. If you go to the end of the mark (closest to the right) and look at it, then go up to it and keep jumping at the mark while walking into it, soon you will be inside of the hill. Once you get through stop or you will die. Once you are through you can shoot enemies but they cannot kill you unless they shoot you with a rocket or go up to you and push you into the black floor. You should put bandolier on your gun so you dont run out of ammo and have a smoke grenade so you have time to get in.

Hiding Spot on Overgrown

Go to the little revine thing, under the bridge, go until the 2 fences ends to where u can get up, there should be a big spot on the rocks where it looks darker, then you go there and repeatedly jump up and up up and down (This glitch CANNOT be cone on oldschool.) untill you're in, I reccomend you practice first with a friend to find the correct spot to go in it, and oh yeah, dont go to far, you'll fall in a huge black spot, and you'll die. so be VERY careful.