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posted by taz2006 (TULARE, CA) Nov 7, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

25 out of 38 gamers (66%) found this review helpful

Ok now there are many games who can promise the best campain mode and online play,but none of them delivered it as amazing as Call of Duty 3. They took a leap in the graphics and also taking it to a whole other level with it's impressive online gaming which is the best I've seen in a game so far due to the jump from 8 players to 24,which is nonstop action from start to finish!With a new game mode called WAR,it makes it the most realistic,because you are fighting for strategic areas in the game,and also you rank so when you become a rank 3,you can send in heavy artillery strikes from airplanes which will wipe out your enemy in a heartbeat. I would recommend this game to anyone,even if there not a gamer,this will sure turn them into one!

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Very Good

War Games , Nice Shooter!

posted by waxface (CHICAGO, IL) Jun 27, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This game was a good shooter, the only down flaw was the game was a little short to me...but a good blast for war!

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Battlefield 2: Call of Duty Edition

posted by Bondian007 (CHICAGO, IL) Nov 12, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

34 out of 58 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

If you are renting/buying this game in the hopes that it is the long awaited sequel to COD2, you may be sadly disappointed.

Lets start with what is good about the game. The new realistic reloading times are good, making the sniper rifles more challenging, also good. The visuals and the effects are beautiful. The addition of War as a multiplayer level is a breath of fresh air to the loyal online crowd, and the use of role types (support, medic, assault)is a good concept.

Now for the bad. To get the single player out of the way, let me say this: It is as entertaining as it is frustrating. Even on the Normal setting, the Germans are abnormally accurate. All they have to do is pop their head around a corner or above a barricade and they instantly have a bead on you, no matter what the distance. If you aren't hidden behind something, you WILL be shot. Also there are several times where you are being shot when you have absolutely no idea where it is coming from.

Onto the multiplayer. First of all, the guns. The German arsenal has been reduced to a useless pile of scrap. The Kar98k, once a fantastic bolt-action weapon that required skill that was balanced with its (usual) one-shot kill ability is now a very slow, weak weapon. The Semi automatic has been removed, so your options are limited. The mp40 and 44 are very inaccurate, and can really only be used if you shoot in short bursts. The Trench gun has been significantly weakened to the point that instead of one good shot, it often takes at least 2-3 shots to take down a target. Very sad because that makes no one want to be a Medic.

The maps are huge, meant for 24 people, which at this point is very difficult to fill. So usually you end up running around looking for 4 people on a huge map. The elimination of the lobby and the inability to change the game types and maps efficiently has people frustrated.

Overall, if you think of COD3 as its own game, its ok. But this is not the sequel to COD2. How disappointing.

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