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Stick with Call of Duty 2

posted by Sarge336 (POWELL, OH) Nov 13, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

If your like me I was addicted to COD2 since I got my Xbox360. When I first started the game the graphics look dumbed way down from COD2. The character animations are very well done but the smoothness of the background and landscape are nothing like they should be, the guns don't look as detailed as they should be, but the new control scheme is well done, and I also enjoyed the inclusion of hand to hand combat.
Now to the multilayer, the positives are that you can have up to 24 players in one room with vehicle support. Now the not so good stuff. Now instead of being able to select which weapon you want to use you have to select a soldier class ranging from medic to anti-armor...this was good in theory but it didn't really work out well for me(too confusing and you may forget which class has the weapon you want to use.)
If your a hardcore COD fan than you will want to buy this game but if you liked COD2 just stick with that and rent COD3 but do not buy it.

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Member since Nov 2006

This game is awsome!! the xboxlive is great and the game itself is twice as good as c.o.d. 2. i have been waiting for this game for such a long time. and i am happy to say i was completly satisfied on how the game was. im buying and i will play it untill C.O.D. 4!!!!!!!! have fun playing CALL OF DUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ill see you on XBOX LIVE!!!!!!!!

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Just Glorious

posted by mmiller (WALNUT CREEK, CA) Nov 13, 2006

Member since Mar 2004

I'll keep this short.

Stunning visuals - this game looks like a million bucks.

Tight game play - terrific controls.

Amazing online multiplayer - This is the main reason to get the game. I saw no lag even with 24 people at a time. Many improvements with new soldier classes and special abilities - e.g. medics can heal fallen comrades, scouts can call in artillery, support can drop ammo. You can use different vehicles - tanks seems to be a favorite. Plus, you spend more time playing and less time waiting for respawns and new rounds. Lots of different game types including the standard CTF, Team deathmatch. My favorite is "War" where you capture a series of positions (teamwork is key).

Get into a game online with 24 players and you'll feel like you are in a war zone - tons of explosions and round whizzing by you. Non-stop action makes it highly addictive. Nothing but improvements since COD2 makes this game top notch.

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