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Really Bad

so many glitches (single player)

posted by iplaythru (OCALA, FL) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

On the single player mode, I had to restart the same mission 4 times because I would get stuck on NOTHING, I would fall through the map, or I couldn't get my player to respond to movement (I could shoot but that was it). I tried to just suffer through it and make it to the end but when I got the mission where you first had to use the mortar, I couldn't get the thing to turn left... it'd go right but that was it, so I restarted the mission and made it all the way back to the mortar but it still kept turning me right -_- I just couldn't do anymore of this...that's as far as I went, maybe its better after that, but I doubt it. I got shot through walls by ai, more than once, which is just great. Oh and soo many frame rate issues on PS3.

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GF Rating


Call of Duty's Black Sheep

posted by RossWyatt (NORTH WILKESBORO, NC) Jun 14, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

This game is considered by me and many others to be a complete mess and is pretty obscured by most people. What makes it so different from the other Call of Duty games is that it was developed by none other than Treyarch instead of Infinity Ward like the first Call of Duty games.

Another thing is that this was the first Call of Duty from the main series to not be on the PC. There were many bugs and glitches in the game as well, where you could be hiding behind cover and still take a load of damage or your team mates could push you out of cover, leaving you wide open (which could seriously $%#& you off if you were going for a play-through on Veteran difficulty).

The controls also seem awkward compared to the past and future games. You have a grenade cook timer around your grenade in this game which isn't in any of the others, and if I can remember correctly, picking up a thrown enemy grenade was also awkward.

One last issue with the campaign are the awful checkpoints that it gives you. You could do so much work at one point, suddenly die from whatever it was that killed you (most likely a glitch causing you to get caught in the enemy fire) and be sent back and lose 30 minutes of your hard work picking off enemies and trying to stay alive.

However, the story mode was pretty compelling and nice, and had some great character development, which I think is a plus. The game did that part better than it's predecessors.

I'd recommend this game only if you're into Call of Duty and would want to try a gem in the series, otherwise it wouldn't hurt to pass this one by as it's considered to be a load of $%#&.

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GF Rating


Probably more fun in 2006

posted by UltraMedic (FRESNO, CA) Aug 5, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

Just wrapped up my first single player experience with a CoD game and it was... well interesting. My first impressions were pleasantly intense as you are thrown straight into combat with a squad of trained soldiers and little tutorial is required. I love that the game is based on historical events, and honest to god I've never gone to war but I imagine this would be a very close comparison.

Graphics: For it's time I imagine this was an excellent title for the PS3... obviously it does show it's age as I am playing it 5 years later but it does hold up well. Minor screen tearing and shakiness can be slightly annoying at times but nothing too distracting.

Gameplay: Easy to learn, and surprisingly easy to master... I was sniping heads all over the battlefield in no time with little difficulty. The targeting gives some assist which without it I'd probably have given up long ago. My only problems in this department is the AI is very poor. The enemies will stand around long enough for you to run up to them and just bludgeon them to death in most cases... even in major conflicts I can just run all over the battlefield like an idiot without dying. The allied AI is equally as bad... for the most part they do create extra targets to allow you a little time to run from point A to point B but when your set up somewhere and trying to retaliate, they often get in your way unexpected. Unfortunately the game makes the mistake of allowing friendly fire which will end your game abruptly. This is very irritating.

Sound: Awesome, sounds like fireworks everywhere. The guns could use a bit more polish... but I imagine with surround sound this would be an extremely intense experience.

Replay: As all CoD duty games the real fun lies in multiplayer... I'm personally not into it because I'm not very good so I never got around to checking it out.

Load times: Quick.

Overall, not a bad experience. Rent... but save your money for MW3.

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