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Above Average

What kind of FPS doesn't have a multiplayer?

posted by Ragnex (SILVER SPRING, MD) Mar 12, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

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I won't say anything about getting yet another war game because this is our first glimpse of wii style FPS.

Gameplay: 8.0
Originality for a FPS: 1.0
Originality in use of Wii-Remote: 10.0
Replay Value/Amount of time gameplay remains fun: 3.0
Story: 3.0

I'm not an FPS person, but the Wii Remote makes this a lot more fun. Fun enough, but I'm not sure that makes up for the game's obvious weaknesses

Aside from the novelty of shooting arcade style with the Wii Remote this is your standard imaginationless war game.

Replay Value:
This wouldn't be so low if
A) The game was more then 5 or 6 hours long
B) There was a multiplayer.
I was shocked at the fact there was no multiplayer. I've never even seen another FPS without a multiplayer. For shame activision. For shame.

The story follows an American and a European alternatively. The stories were dull and the only reason this didn't get a 1 was because the American was named "Nickels"

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GF Rating



posted by Zcritic (AUBURN, ME) Feb 14, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

1 out of 4 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

This could have been much better, but if all you have is a Wii, and you like this series you might enjoy it.. (very big might)

The good: Graphics were nice, but if graphics are all you care about then why not play it on another system. Mission objectives and layout are good.

The Bad: The controls. Simply put, if you are going to sell a game on the Wii platform you had darn well better do extensive research and testing with the control scheme. The aiming was sloppy. The movement was sloppy (especially the leaning around corners). Throwing grenades? /rant on: Why should this be a "button press" when you have motion sensitive controllers? Lets get with the program here! I want to swing my arm when I throw a grenade -/rant off. The Wii controllers are sensitive and have a wide range of motion. This game does not take advantage of either.

The Okay: You get to shoot things and dialog in the cut scenes is mildly amusing.

The Bottom Line: Unless you have to play this game for some reason then don't bother. Red Steel made better use of the controls than this did (to bad that game was even worse overall)

-Z (still waiting for a good shooter on the Wii)

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posted by ETowner (EVANSTON, IL) Nov 26, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

2 out of 16 gamers (12%) found this review helpful

wow don't waste your time I mean. i Rented this for te wii and i was hyped and was shot down with the wii mote. Go rent Ray Man Raving Rabbids its the next mario party the good ones. This game was not the greatest just a typical shoter. Red Steel used more of the wii mote use.

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