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Needs Multiplayer!

posted by spidasteve (FORESTVILLE, CA) Dec 17, 2006

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Member since Oct 2005

The thing i like about the XB360 version of COD3 the most is multi player, COD3 on Wii lacks multi player! Graphics are as expected for Wii, controls are nice, but this game needs multi player!

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Dying to Play a Wii FPS?

posted by Abras1 (CLEVELAND, OH) Dec 15, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

Overall, COD3 for the Wii was a typical game, and when compared to other versions with much better graphics and online/ multiplayer, it seems downright awful.

But it still is a good game. The controls worked well except for during certain "mini games?", like wrestling a gun from a German soldier. Expect Wii FPS's to improve over time, but if you want a FPS, and you want it now, go with COD3.

Definitely not worth buying, because of a very short campaign and lack of multiplayer, but worth a rent by all means.

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One of the best!!

posted by Shrabis19 (TRENTON, GA) Dec 15, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

This game was great. I liked the conversion over to the wii and I think they did a good job on converting over to use the wii controls. Overall it was a great game and worth renting/buying.

Controls- If this is your first time playing the wii then this game may be a little tricky to pick up. Once you get used to the remote and nunchuck its a snap. There is a training section so you will learn the rope before you are thrown into action. I found the controls to be easier then 360 version and I felt that I was more responsive with just having to point instead of aim with a stick. I did find some issues with the controls while setting bombs but other then that it was fine. The controls for driving and paddling the boat were a interesting new concept.

Game play- Its your basic FPS, if you have played any of the Call Of Duty games this one is about the same. They have added a few new things but its the same idea as before. Some parts were tricky to get around but why play something that is going to be a cake walk?

Graphics- You have to remember that you are playing a wii and its not the next gen graphics like everyone else. The game still looked good, and was very clear. Graphics were not choppy like I have seen on some games.

Overall- This game was awesome! A must for anyone who is a fan of the FPS type games. The game play is great, and the story line keeps you wanting more. The controls were flat out awesome with only a few flaws, but it was nothing to major. I found it very hard to walk away from. I did not stop playing this game till I had beat it. One of the best games released on the wii to date.

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