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Call OF Duty 3 is a Great Shooter With Some Flaws.

posted by PenguinBoy1111 (STILWELL, KS) Jul 14, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

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Call of duty 3 first put me off when it got some poor reviews, but it turned out to be a very realistic experience indeed.

Good- .Excelent graphics
.Realistic weapons
. Realitively long Campaign (14 levels)
. good story
(you can also be French, canadian, and Russian, aswell as Americans).
. You will have to complete objectives that involve using your motion- sensing controler.

Bad - Little to no Wii Zapper capabilities. (You can try, but later in the game you will have to be tearing out your nunchuk to do various objectives.

.Some too- short levels.
. Not the most accurate guns (mostly accurate except the German Scoped Gewehr.

Top 5 Fun Things to do

1. Smacking Germans off of things and watching them fall.
2.Shoot explosive barrels
3. Letting your team do all the dirty work
4.Driving vehicles (Tanks, and Jeeps)
5.Throwing grenades back before they blow up.

COD 3 is a great shooter game for those of you who arent old enough for the REAL COD. It takes realism away with no Wii Zapper.
The long levels will keep you playing for a while. The vehicles are really epic.

Hardly a spoiler (the vehicle on FUEL PLANT level is EPIC!!!) I killed myself just so I could repeat the level.

Rating- 7.4

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good Shooter Made Better

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Nov 28, 2006

Member since Jan 2003

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Since Call of Duty is Activision's answer to EA's Medal of Honor, you can almost interchange them (aside from jumping from army to army as COD does). That being said, this is a pretty good shooter with little to few surprises. Yes, you shoot Nazis. Yes, the weapons are authentic (no WWII is complete without the M1 Garand). What sets this version apart is the promising control scheme, unique (of course) to the Wii.
Something I'm sure we'll see a lot of different versions of, is that the nunchuck is the body and the remote is the head. Tweaking these for sensitivity and functionality is where the challenge is. With COD, this is done fairly well. Aiming very accurate, allowing nice headshots (you view down the reticule by pressing "A"). At first, you may have a tendency to stop and aim. You will learn that you will be killed very quickly if you continue this. Being an urgent game, allot of your shooting will be cover fire, and sprays rather than the aforementioned headshots. But, that's how immersive it is and I think it works. However, throwing grenades with the nunchuck was sometimes unresponsive or the grenade ended-up at my feet (bad). Also, the melee attack seems less responsive than it should.
The graphics are quite nice, even on a standard setup. I was very pleasantly surprised!
If you have ProLogic sound, crank it up to get the "Saving Private Ryan" effect.

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GF Rating

Above Average

No multiplayer, no buy!

posted by BruinsFan (BEVERLY, MA) Jan 3, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

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Now im a huge fan of the COD series, all from the Xbox. This is my first FPS on the Wii, it can only get better from here though.

While the story and mission are just as compelling as always, the controls and graphics are just stumbling along. While I can handle the graphics downgrade, I cant stand sometimes unresponsive controls.

Treyarch has introduced the quick actions into the series this year, they dont work well, if at all on the Wii. they work fine on other systems, but the Wii sometimes has a problem reading what it is your trying to do. If you get into a hand to hand combat situation where you and an enemy soldier are struggling with one another, the screen prompts you to do a thrusting motion with the controllers, it seems to rarely work. It can cripple a mission.

My biggest problem though is the ommision of multiplayer online. In this day and age of gaming online multiplayer is essential to the life of a game, here, there is none. After a few missions, for me the game was over.

I suggest a Game fly rental of this title first. We will have to wait for a quality FPS on the Wii.

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