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Very Good

Very good game for Wii

posted by zapb42 (CROWNSVILLE, MD) Nov 24, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

41 out of 43 gamers (95%) found this review helpful

If you liked COD2 (I did, but I played it on PC), then you'll probably like this game. It is basically more of the same kind of combat in a different setting, and the Wii version obviously has the new controls.

The controls work really great once you get used to them, and I have no gripes with the setup. There are a lot of in-game actions you come across that make you do certain movements with the controllers, and I think they overused them a little, but they are interesting and don't break up the gameplay.

This is the introduction to an FPS on Wii that Red Steel should have been. I'm not sure what is different about the controls but they seem to be much easier to handle.

The graphics are nothing terribly spectacular obviously, but are very good. Head to head with Red Steel this game looks far better. The models are better, and the lighting effects are good.

Overall this is one of the best Wii games out right now, give it a try, especially if you like shooters.

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GF Rating

Above Average

A controller showcase that's otherwise a rush-job

posted by MrCHUPON (New York, NY) Dec 10, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

12 out of 13 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

Call of Duty 3 itself doesn't change much for World War II shooters. The difference with the Wii port is obviously the new controller. While it manages to deliver compelling shooting action once you learn the ropes, missteps elsewhere bring down its value and the overall experience.

Picking up the Wii remote as if aiming a gun seems intuitive in theory, but in practice it takes a little getting used to. Due to the way the Wii works, this will be true for all first-person shooters on this console as the sensation resembles that of using a laser pointer more than it does actually pointing something at the screen.

In the default - and recommended - aiming mode, you freely move your aiming reticule about the screen. Nudging it against the sides, top and bottom of the screen to changes your character's viewpoint as seen in Red Steel. With the sensitivity all the way up, you can achieve near mouse-like precision, so after learning the controls you'll find yourself with an immensely satisfying experience.

However, other gameplay elements that use the motion controls don't fare nearly as well. Driving proves way too sensitive, while planting an explosive charge is not sensitive enough to detect your motions. Wrestling your gun away from an enemy is a tiring, trial-and-error affair (hint: keep the analog stick and Wii-mote buttons facing your chest). Furthermore, it's a scripted event - you can't pick and choose when you want to try and disarm an adversary (a problem in all versions of CoD3).

The sound and music are fantastic, but the visuals suffer. It does run at 480P, 16:9 widescreen, mostly at 30 frames per second. However even the Gamecube, Xbox and PS2 are capable of better image quality than what's seen in the Wii version with its clipping, glitches and all-around murky textures. There's no multiplayer either, and it all points to a very rushed effort. Play Call of Duty 3 to see how well first-person shooting can be done on Wii, but don't expect any lasting value.

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GF Rating



posted by wayway (WARREN, OH) Jan 25, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

18 out of 20 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

best fps controls for the wii
non repetitive gameplay
non stop action
various ways to combat, not just shoot
driving is better then need for speed carbon
utilizes the wiimote alot more then other fps on the wii. you move your arms like crazy!

graphics are pretty weak, better then farcry though
the cinematic melee is kind of hard to grasp at first
driving is nice but you cant oversteer or you'll screw up
no multiplayer or online

best fps for the wii, period. only worth renting though, not much to do after you are done with the game besdies play it over again with increased difficulty. just my opinion though.

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