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The best console hunting game ive played.

posted by Lee117 (NEW BERN, NC) Jul 25, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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About 4 years ago i bought a hunting game for the PC called Hunting unlimited 3. This game had everything a hunting game was suppose to.
Free hunt, challenges, and a whole wide arsenal of guns and equipment.

Any other hunting game ive played for a console lacks everything it should have. They just werent very i, i dont know...friendly... the expericances were just bad. I recently bought Cabelas dangerous hunts 2009, and i couldnt even get past the first mission.

This game makes a leap, while it technically doesnt have a "free hunt" it has something called trophy chase. You can pick an animal and edit its appearance and score. You then get 10 minutes to hunt that one animal. What i find aggravating about that is, unless you give your animal ridicosly large antlers, and make it albino, its almost impossible to tell the diffrence between your animal and another, and if you shoot the wrong one its game over.

Story mode wasnt very satisfying. I beat in in 5 hours and you seem to have about 100 tags for every animal. Unlike it should be, the story mode isnt free-roam. Its straight forward, and if your not suppose to go there you get stuck on a 2" usually follow a path, and if you scare the animal away, sometime and annoying game warden voice says, "your target animal heard you and got away!" or they might run off for 5 seconds and then come right back.

I was really looking foward to bear hunting but you cant do that in trophy chase, and you hunt two in the story mode, which takes about 5 minutes. Also in story mode, you have to get ALL the story-based trophies in one play-through because you have to create a whole new saved-data and all your stats gets reset >:(

The trophies are pretty easy to get, in 3 days i got to 86%

I give it a 7 because, while its still not great, it is a good leap.

The duck hunting, and the fishing, just isnt anything worth mentoning...

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some good points, some bad

posted by utgamer (CLEARFIELD, UT) Dec 22, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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I agree with alot of the review here. I was disappointed with the no free roam hunting, really short story mode, very limited firearms selection, and the boring fishing missions.
However I did like the breath mode so you could see the heart, lungs, and spine that was cool, but every time you look through the scope it would kinda auto aim so you couldn't look around the herd. Also I could never take a shot more then 77 yards, how is that realistic? A trophy buck is standing 90 yards away and you can look though the scope and see it and you can shoot what would be a one shot kill and the game says it heard a gun shot and it runs away, come on I can hit a pop can at 150 yards no prob with a 223, so why is it that a 308 can't shoot that far? I get the whole stealth and stalking but come on, your using a rifle with a scope, your not trying to chloroform them.
The firearm selection was pathetic. Last time I checked Remington was not the only company that makes guns. 7 rifles, 3 shotguns and one hand gun? Many hunter own that many or more, so you would think that could have more of a selection then that.

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Cabelas outdoor adventures 2010

posted by Beneli (CLEAR SPRING, MD) Jan 14, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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If you like hunting dont even think about getting this game it has terrible graphics lowsey story and unrealistic adentures if youre looking for a good hunting game rent Cabelas Big game hunter 2010 its beutifull!

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