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An Expedition that Needs More Thrills

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 31, 2012

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Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions promises to be the ultimate in realistic hunting experiences. To achieve that goal, they give the player the option of exploring any part of the map to hunt down the intended trophies in each level (I count 30 in the game.)
The hunt works like this: first, you find a lookout spot (shown on the map by a green eye icon). That will show you where the first of the trophies can be found.
Then, you sneak up to the right spot (on a spot on ground or a shooting rest), aim at the right spot on the right target, then fire. You get points for getting a big game, hitting it in the proper spots (lungs, heart, head or spine), and achieving a secondary objective (hunting with a certain gun, shooting from a rest, or don’t get spotted).
Then you track down the next trophy and repeat the process over again.
After each successful hunt, you get experience points and Gold Points. Gold Points are used to buy new firearms (which you will need for the later levels), and upgrade the firearms. Experience points are needed to unlock the later levels (but that’s not a problem, the game’s generous with those points).
Exploring the first few levels was thrilling, and I liked the fact that I could wander about wherever I wanted.
Problem is, almost every level plays out the same way, and the repetition can make the game really boring. Adding to the blandness are a very few voice over lines that can annoy, the lacking graphics, and no option for a two player hunt.
They try to spice things up by putting in a few driving levels, but I get the feeling that the game makers just tacked that on without putting much thought into it.
It got so bad that I really didn’t get much of a thrill when I did make the perfect shot and landed the trophy; it was just another step in a basic and mundane process.
Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions could’ve been a good game, but the repetitive level design and basic presentation really took the fun out of playing it. SKIP IT.

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Far from Real

posted by ojinneal (EAST LYNNE, MO) Mar 15, 2013

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I am a deer hunter, however this doesn't remind me of my experiences. First of all there is hardly any rifle sway. Second, hunters sense? Third, It's easy killing stuff. You run to a high point and see them, then you run close, crouch and creep up to bushes or shooting points and bang. That's it. It's fun killing a few but I got bored pretty quick.

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