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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011


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Campaign Sucks - Gallery Great

posted by OtHChaplain (GLENDALE, AZ) Oct 27, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

I love the gallery part of the game. The campaign is stupid with a ridiculous story line. BUT, the gallery is great. Why not just make a really cool arcade style game. I would buy that and have hours upon hours of fun. One problem with the gallery is that you have to achieve certain things in the campaign to open some gallery levels. So you might have to go back and be tortured playing the campaign just to get a new gallery.

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posted by randomhero2022 (CASSOPOLIS, MI) Jul 28, 2011

Member since May 2011

The worst Dangerous Hunts game ever. Its has very unrealistic graphics and POOR gameplay. Mainly you just walk around through paths trying to avoid big cats, crocidiles, and snakes with hunters sense, which make sure is on classic. The big hunts like bears and other big game are in arenas with no REAL hunting what-so-ever. The multi-player is just like an arcade game but with better graphics. When i play a hunting game i like tracking and lining up a good shot, not just walking around waiting for the next predators to jump out and try to kill you.

Overally, i think cabelas could have done much better and i do not recomend this game to anyone but people who like playing big game hunter arcade games.

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Very Good

Cabelas series definitely improving.

posted by Knightofthe9 (GARY, IN) Jun 18, 2011

Member since May 2011

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I've seen a lot of negative reviews on this game and I believe that in most cases they have been unfair. For those that are fans of Cabela hunting games this one has come a long way in terms of story and playability.

Sure if you want an epic game with the best story and graphics then play Assassins Creed or something that has had 4yrs in development, but the Cabelas series churns out a game, sometimes 2 in a year. Considering the time frame these games are pretty cool, especially this one.

As far as the new hunter sense goes, sure it's not good, just switch to "classic" hunter mode and you won't have any problems at all. The story is one of the best, at least this time it has a story which I thought was cool.

Basically this is a true hunting game with a difference, you often become the hunted, it's harder than previous Cabelas hunting games, you need patience and it is a lot of fun for those who like these types of games. The graphics aren't too shabby for a game that has been created within a short time frame.

If you accept this game for what it is rather than compare it to other games you'll enjoy it. The extras is pretty cool too, survival mode and trek can be quite challenging, especially if your going for trophies.

I can honestly say this game was the hardest for trophies, other Cabelas i've played, I managed to platinum first playthrough, with this one i'm on my second playthrough and still haven't platinumed it yet.

If you want an awesome game with top of the notch graphics and an epic storyline then don't bother with this one. If you like previous Cabela hunting games, and I mean that you really enjoyed playing them, then you should love this game, it's a lot of fun, and you can play up to 4 players in the extras and that is a lot of fun too.

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