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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009


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i did not receve this game in the mail got other 1

posted by anthony12 (HOWELL, MI) Mar 17, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

this game looks fun but i have not got it in the mail so i am kinda disapointed because i like getting games for 8.95 a month so i would like to get aq nother one shippeed to me with in the next 5-6 days.

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Point and click... the trigger!

posted by yourself (Battle Creek, MI) Feb 21, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for shooting anything in video games- zombies, enemy soldiers, aliens, ducks. In fact, it's duck that made me want to play Dangerous Hunts in the first place; I would play Duck Hunt on the NES for hours, if I still had one.

So when DH came out for Wii I immediately went for it. I already own a Perfect Shot and the Buzz shotgun (best.shooting.accessory.- ever), and after seeing how playing Big Game Hunter with those made the experience 100% better, this game looked perfect.

So, my review: It's a lot like the other Cabela's games, you wander through the jungle/woods/tundra looking for something to kill. There's a primary objective (animal to find) and usually a side quest, but this game also throws out the random attack from snakes, hyenas, wolves, etc. to keep you off your guard. I highly recommend stopping every few paces to use your "hunter sense" to look around, just in case. Chances are if you haven't seen anything or been attacked recently, you're about to be.

GOOD: Graphics are pretty cool, the Matrix-like bullet time view is great, and there's tons of animals and environments. It'll keep you playing a long time. Also lots of weapons and upgrades to purchase. The Wiimote sensitivity has been done very well, too. Not too sloppy, not to tight.

NOT GOOD: There's a set path in every level, you can wander around to some degree but that's just frustrating after a while. And there's no good jump between levels, it's literally just "BOOM" and you're loading up the next level, no explanation of how or why or what. I expected more, especially since there seems to be a story going on around your character, but the transitions between levels just ignore that.

Overall, it's a good hunting experience and a nice retreat from regular FPS. Get out the shotgun, buy some camo cans of Busch Light and head into the woods...

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good tittle

posted by james1981 (BLUE SPRINGS, MO) Feb 3, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

horrible.u end up spending way to much time walking around the trails.U have this big screen but only one way around.when u finaly get to shoot at the animals it sends u into mode were u dont really do anything.this game is horrible wish i never waisted my time.the creators should be fired.

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