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Cabela's Big Game Hunter

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posted by austin10 (CROWN POINT, IN) Aug 20, 2006

Member since Jul 2005

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posted by bumedout (GREENSBORO, NC) May 26, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

i got this game for my birthday and started playing. the graphics arent that great. the animals look kind of stiff, but the hunting areas look ok. the game play is pretty bad. the the stealth meter is very stupid, if you are crouched and you quietly walk forward the stealth meter drops almost below the half way mark. your stealth is only good if your just crouched in one place. so if you want to go hunting with a bow, forget it. the vehicles are pretty bad graphics too. the thing that a little cool is that you can choose a cabin that has your trophies on the wall, but the trophy heads look terrible. and the heads look like their isn't enough room to fit them all on the wall. the people are pretty bad too. they look like they are all stiff, but hunting areas are actually pretty good though, the grass looks really cool blowing in the breeze, and where their are poler bears their is snow and tundra with little pools of water dotting the area. this game is kinda fun for a little while but gets boring after a while.
i would recommend renting it. but you probably shouldn't buy it.

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first hunting game played

posted by matthew10 (WOODLAND PARK, CO) Aug 15, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

if your expecting a good hutting game then look els were the charaters have bad graghics landscaping is allright but when your looking though your scope and lining up your cross hairs with a hoppeful animal in front then BAM theres a hill calls and decoys dont work you cant get more than 50 yards close to an animal with out it running (or at least i couldent) and vehicle handling is real real poor you get hurt from walking down a hill and ok sasy you see an animal you pull out your scoped rifle and line the cross hairs and pull the trigger the bullet cam follows the bullet and it shows you missing 40 feet off!so hopefully the 2005 one will have improve if not theres always the 2008 one coming out

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