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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012


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GF Rating

Very Good

Best hunting title I have ever played

posted by alin0s (PALATINE, IL) Jun 4, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

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First of all I have never played a hunting game so call me naive, the closest thing I have played is a hunting game arcade cabinet and those don't compare at all to this!

Grapics are AMAZING

Shooting is easy and simple built in tutorial makes this simple

The game is very realistic while still maintaining a slight feel of arcade style shooting

Gameplay is plain enjoyable, it can be high stress or casual, you make the call!

those are the pros


the noise you make can break the game for you gotta be quiet and slow which if your looking for fast pace, this can drive you crazy… you get game over / have to restart sections often if your not quiet and precise. but this is a simulation game people

Theres a lot of loading especially if you screw up!!! so dont screw up!

The number 1 screw up you will make is shooting female game, use detection mode CIRCLE to avoid this but even then you will sometimes think red is enemy blue is dont shoot… they should offer to invert the colors. but no.

Also be very careful with your shots. you need to make sure to use the scope and take your time, the animals dont move fast when just grazing but if you screw a shot up, it means starting the section over again! Or lots of reloading your gun!

Once you get past the tutorial it can be pretty difficult. The realism again is there in the gun shopping. Animal runs are horrendously difficult use detection mode period…

you can really appreciate this game for its graphics, just free roaming the wilderness is amazing. it is photo realistic. if you cant hunt or dont have a gun this is probably the next best thing

Graphics 10
Gameplay 7 hurt by the annoying restarts
Frustration level 4

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GF Rating

Very Good

Its Good Expected Something More

posted by rjdingding (PERRYTON, TX) Feb 15, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

i liked the game the way it shows where to hit the animal i like how they added in the bird hunting too......but i liked the free roam i thought this was going to be a beast game its good i like it but its not as good as i thought it would be

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GF Rating

Above Average

not bad

posted by riki1227 (MIAMI, FL) Oct 18, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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