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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2008

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Big Game Hunter Misses the Mark

posted by tmbgikia (TOPEKA, KS) Dec 1, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

Cabelas Big Game Hunter wants to put you in the hunt. Chasing game, big and small across the globe.

You do hunt in this game. You aim your rifle/pistol/crossbow at the animal and take it. There is some traking, you can use calls, or scent to lure beasts in, and they do come.

The harder the level, the harder it is to find the trophy you are looking for.

I think a Hunting game is always going to be tough to make realistic. Real hunting involves days or weeks in the woods and only taking one shot, or seeing one animal. Myself I have sat in a tree stand for three days waiting for the right moment. That experience just does not lend itself to the video game.

It is kind of fun to get a chance to hunt some things that you otherwise may not be able to. It puts you in both good and bad weather.

I enjoyed going through the game, but replayablity is very low. Just not enough to kep me going.

I spend alot of money at Cabelas, and feel that this game does have a fun aspect that you can play through one time and enjoy it, after that first time through I would have to put it down.

So unlike real hunting, this game does not give you the stories to tell around the campfire.

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I'd rather go hunting with Cheney.

posted by 89foxGT (PORTLAND, OR) Nov 28, 2007

Member since May 2007

Let me start by saying, I own 2 Cabelas hunting games, And i usually try out each new one. From my experience, They started out FUN, and just went downhill ever since.

-Its a Decent hunting game.
-Decent graphics.
-The sound is pretty good (all the animal calls are pretty realistic sounding).
-Bird Hunting.

-Invisible walls. I realize these are necessary in games, But They get VERY irritating. They tell you to hunt a cat at the other side of the map...So you start walking through Grass and trees, Everything looks the same... Then BAM.. you have Invisible walls blocking your way. Sometimes it gets pretty hard to find where the path to wherever you need to be is.

-The hunting seems really...linear? You don't get much of an option in career mode, They tell you to kill 4 Buffalo, You kill 4 buffalo. What do you get for it?Nothing. In the last ones, it would keep track of your best kill, To my knowladge, It doesnt do that in this one. The Only "trophy kills" are "boss" style animals...And they are the same size every time.

-Animals run too freaking much: This was my BIGGEST issue. I realize its the realism factor, and it makes since that if you scare them, they run. But sometimes you will just walk up and they are already running around in circles like little kids on a sugar rush, Making aiming near impossible. Most the time, I would just end up chasing the animal and killing it close range because i got fed up with sitting their for an hour trying to get one shot. I actually had 2 animals run right into me and get stuck.. so all i had to do was aim down and shoot them.

-Also, The "rivals" bosses (the Animals that try to kill you and you have to fight back) tend to get unrealistic. You fight a big cat, and it will run off then run back at you and attack you over and over... So you have to try and get a good shot each time, 7-8 shots to the head, and it finally dies.

In closing, This really isn't a Hunting game..More like a Furry Run and Gun.

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Great if you like Hunting.

posted by haleydog (NOTTINGHAM, NH) Nov 16, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

Having never played a hunting game before, I did not know what to expect. The Graphics are ok compared to other 360 titles. If you are an avid hunter I suppose you might like this game a lot more than if you do not hunt at all. Seems like a lot of hunting detail with the guns, lures, scents, types of animals, etc. Not my type of game but wanted to check it out. 4 outta ten and as the game would say git-er-dun.

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