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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005


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Also on:GC, GBA, PS2
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GF Rating

Above Average

A Good game BUT not without problems

posted by fnf101 (HINTON, WV) May 21, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

The biggest problem I had with this game is the way you move around the map. Your energy bar drains way too fast! After your character takes a good sleep at the game wardens cabin, his energy bar doesn't decrease that fast. After one or two hours in the woods, your character will be about dead on his feet tho. Your energy bar will drain faster and faster while you're only able to move/jog (jogging looks more like walking and is as slow as walking) 20 feet and then rest for 20+ seconds. VERY ANNOYING!!!

The 4 wheeler doesn't solve this problem much, its controls ARE HORRIBLE FOR ANY VEHICLE IN ANY GAME. The thick trees make this problem x10 worse! You might as well get off and try jogging for the 20 feet and resting. You can hit the gas on the 4 wheeler and 3 seconds later you will move, SAME FOR BREAKING! So you have to guess 3 seconds from now where you're going to be at and should you turn, slow down, or stop. The turning is weird, you might as well go back to days without the analogue stick(and even then it would still suck), also with ANY LITTLE CORRECTION it throws you 40 degrees the other way! It's kinda like what NASA egineers had to with the mars robot, so you can feel their very own fustration for yourself! :D

At least you can't die because of flipping your 4 wheeler (at least I haven't accomplished that yet). The 4 wheeler is great for wide open areas, but not forest! Collision detection with the 4 wheeler and your character is glitchy, but the bullet/arrow collision detection is PERFECT. I don't think this game was play tested very good, or they didn't care about the glitches OR THE WALKING/4 WHEELER.

I still give this game an 6, it's just too much fun. A lot of items and stuff to use and try. The game seems fairly realistic at times. It's much better than the newer versions for the XBOX 360 and PS3.

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